How EY is helping TNB transform its customer strategy and operations

03 February 2022 4 min. read

Over the past years, EY has supported Malaysia’s national energy provider Tenaga Nasional Berhad with a large-scale overhaul of its customer strategy and operations. Mark Bennett, EY Asia-Pacific Energy & Resources Customer Experience Transformation Leader, walks through the case and outlines how EY put its expertise to work.

Recent research from EY has found that consumers and businesses alike are transforming the way they look at energy products and services. Among others, users in Asia-Pacific are more demanding; socially engaged; keen on adopting renewables and energy-efficient solutions; open to testing emerging solutions; and using social media for advice. 

Malaysia’s national energy provider Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is a great regional example of a business responding to these changing consumer expectations and is transforming to improve the lives of the people of Malaysia for “a better and brighter tomorrow” by offering new innovative and sustainable energy solutions. 

How EY is helping TNB transform its customer strategy and operations

At the heart of TNB’s transformation journey with EY, is the desire to empower the customer. Becoming a customer-led organization means empathizing with customers and creating greater value through services that are more affordable, reliable and sustainable. 

As the primary energy supplier for an entire country, this involves providing smart energy solutions that address the future energy needs of every customer – from a large organization that’s keen to explore solar solutions for multiple office premises to a homeowner hoping to better manage their power consumption. 

Working with TNB, EY’s teams identified three major focus areas for change during their transformation journey, in line with their company purpose. These are:

  • Transition its energy generation sources from fossil fuels to renewables.
  • Digitize the grid to enable decentralized power generation, greater use of renewables and better energy management amongst customers.
  • Improve customer experience with new products and services, increasingly delivered through digital channels.

The disruptive trends we ultimately identified are deregulation, digitization, decentralization and decarbonization. In order to address these and maximize TNB’s impact on every customer in Malaysia, EY created a bespoke plan. The plan leveraged digital transformation to help TNB develop new digital solutions, become more agile, support its big renewables ambition, reach its goals and create an impact. 

As a joint transformation team, TNB and EY identified three immediate priorities:

  • Humans at center: Create a customer-led retail business and structure, while transforming TNB Retail employees into an agile-driven workforce and providing employees the opportunities and skills needed to make the business more customer-centric going forward.
  • Innovation at scale: Create a retail business, structure and culture which enabled customers to better understand and manage their energy usage.
  • Technology at speed: Establish a solutions business based on data to drive CX-led innovation and new business models in adjacent markets including electric vehicle solar, and connected homes.

To get to this point, EY worked with TNB to create a technology-enabled transformation, starting by defining TNB’s customer segments. TNB Retail developed a key customer engagement initiative: myTNB, an app available on portal platforms that has become widely used. 

Throughout the journey, the team have evolved myTNB even further, identifying a number of customer “pain” and “gain” points. Consumers are looking for energy providers to showcase their commitment to sustainability, and these offerings do just that. 

“It’s great that EY’s global capabilities and sector knowledge helped co-create TNB’s retail strategy and operating model.”
– Philip Rao, EY Global Client Service Leader for TNB 

The platform, a product of EY industry knowledge and transformation capabilities, helped TNB incorporate technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to deploy smart meters, to monitor these to identify and resolve issues, and to help enable processes to collect, store and analyze data to inform better decision-making.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad can now track energy usage in real time to improve customer satisfaction. Going forward, the data can be used to benefit future consumers, making workplaces and homes smarter, and developing new ways of working and skills through the TNB Retail Academy.

EY continues to play a crucial part in this ambition by enabling TNB Retail to become a successful, sustainable retail energy provider. TNB is now positioned to help Malaysia tap its abundant renewable energy sources and improve its portfolio of renewable energy and smart energy solution, which will provide lasting benefits to Malaysians. 

The views reflected in this article are the views of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the global EY organization or its member firms.