Digital consultancy R/GA launches 'Lean Experience Stack’ offering in APAC

03 April 2020 3 min. read

Aimed at building and redesigning digital ecosystems for the new era, digital innovation specialist R/GA has established a new ‘Lean Experience Stack’ service for the Asia Pacific.

Digital and business transformation consultancy R/GA has launched an innovative ‘Lean Experience Stack’ offering in the Asia Pacific – designed to enable clients to create best-in-class digital experiences with lower investment costs, mitigated risk, and a speedier time to market. The new service will be led by R/GA’s APAC Executive Technology Director Anthony Baker, a twenty year industry veteran. 

“Today’s ever shifting landscapes demand a solution that’s agile, scalable and future-proof, and we’re very excited to be helping companies make that shift with the launch of the Lean Experience Stack,” Baker commented, with the new offering built on digital solutions which include agile experience design, cognitive technologies, serverless cloud computing, modular architecture, and continuous innovation.

Based around the customer-focused concept of maximising value while minimising waste through ongoing improvements, The Lean Experience Stack has already been deployed in Japan – the birthplace of Lean principles – through R/GA Tokyo’s recent partnership with Shiseido Professional, allowing the home-grown global beauty brand to reuse its core business services across a range of digital interfaces.

Digital consultancy R/GA launches 'Lean Experience Stack' offering in Asia Pacific

For the implementation project, R/GA streamlined Shiseido Professional’s content and asset management process by building a microservices architecture, with the solution then providing for tailored experiences among Shiseido’s brand partners, professional stylists, end consumers, and brand administrators – including Shiseido Professional Vice President & Global Brand Director Claudia Kim.

“With trends evolving rapidly in the beauty industry, we needed a nimble, connected platform to stay at the forefront of these shifts,” Kim stated of the successful R/GA collaboration. “R/GA built an agile ecosystem that powered our digital innovation platform, enabling thousands of our stylists to create beauty and express themselves in the work they do – faster and more seamlessly.”

In addition to the new microservices architecture, R/GA also helped to maximise Shiseido content across all channels region-wide by consolidating its content and asset library and creating a fresh platform which allows for content to be edited and published with local autonomy in real-time – revamping CRM systems and driving consumers to products and salons while at the same reducing operational costs.

For the new offering, R/GA has established a dedicated team to serve clients across the region, with the firm having outlets in Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne and Shanghai among its 17 locations worldwide. “R/GA’s commitment to clients is to help them change in order to grow and we’ve partnered with iconic global and local brands to deliver unparalleled customer experiences in the face of exponential disruption,” concluded APAC managing director Tuomas Peltoniemi.