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When asked about their favorite part of the job, many BCG consultants talk about the variety—the huge range in types of projects they get to work on, as well as the varying tempo of their day-to-day work life. Consultants do spend some time at a desk doing analysis, but they are more often onsite with clients, out in the field, speaking with employees, vendors, and customers—asking questions and listening hard to the answers. 

Consultants work on cases as a team, which includes representatives from all levels of our consulting staff. The team reports to a partner, who guides the work and stays actively involved. Everyone plays a crucial role on the team, irrespective of title or tenure. Collaboration is at the heart of BCG.

Case teams dig up qualitative and quantitative data and form hypotheses. We test theories, and we hone and polish our solutions. And in the end, we enable our clients to put a solution into practice—and run with it.

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