Accenture sustains hybrid working setup in the Philippines

27 September 2022 2 min. read
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Global consulting firm Accenture will maintain a hybrid work setup in its Philippines business, offering its workforce a flexible and interconnected work environment.

According to Accenture, a multinational management and technology consulting group, companies should prepare themselves for several technology trends in the wake of the significant changes that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused, including the hybrid work model, where employees work both from home and the office at different times.

The future of work for the IT and business management industry will be defined by the requirements of both employees and clients. That is according to Accenture Philippines Managing Director Manolito Tayag, who noted that employees can “stay productive without having to go to the office.”

Accenture sustains hybrid working setup in the Philippines

“We had to redesign [our workspaces] for more collaboration-focused activities and multi-purpose offices for engagement and this is something we had to make investments in as well,” said Tayag.

The Philippines leader also noted the importance of sustainability in future-proofing work. With more people working from home and an increase in digital communication, the implication is that there will likely be a notable reduction in emissions linked to transportation, office usage and other operations.

Technology will be at the forefront of the changes now more than ever, said JP Palpallatoc, data and AI expert at Accenture in the Philippines. Unlike in the past, when technology played mostly a supporting role for businesses, it is now “the star” of the show and without it “companies cannot do business.”

Accenture has been operating in the Philippines since 1985 and has become one of the largest employers in the country with over 50,000 employees. The firm has several offices across the Philippines.

Most top-tier consulting firms have moved towards embracing hybrid work models since the pandemic, with PwC offering generous options to work from abroad, for example. The Philippines is considered one of the world’s most attractive remote work hubs, both for roaming Westerners – or ‘digital nomads’ – but also for Filipinos too, with around half of respondents to a recent survey saying they prefer a hybrid work model.