Bhutan’s Tarayana Foundation retains MTI for strategic planning

07 June 2021 2 min. read

Bhutanese public service body Tarayana Foundation has tapped boutique management consultancy MTI to help devise a strategic action plan for the next five years – with a special focus on supporting post-pandemic recovery.

Tarayana Foundation was set up as a civil society organisation by Bhutan’s Royal Family in 2003 – as a bridge between national economic development and grassroot prosperity. Areas of focus include community mobilisation; access to basic necessities such as housing, health, water and sanitation; equitable access to education; and livelihood support through income-generation, micro-credit and marketing.

The organisation is now looking to expand its scope beyond the grassroots – to align with post-pandemic economic revocery. “Given the local and global dynamics, we see the need to reassess the requirements of the communities we currently serve, refocus and realign our strategic direction appropriately,” noted Tarayana secretary general Chime Wangdi.

Bhutan’s Tarayana Foundation retains MTI for strategic planning

MTI Consulting – a Bahrain-headquartered management consultancy with a strong presence across South Asia – has been called on to support this process, and appears to have the tools at hand. “MTI’s 8S Model; which is an internationally proven strategic planning model will be customized and used as the master model to facilitate this,” noted MTI Consulting CEO Hilmy Cader.

8S is a proprietary planning solution from MTI, with one ‘S’ for each step and feature of the strategy process – scope, scan, sights, strategy, systems, structure, staff and sustainability/social responsibility. MTI’s country lead for Bhutan Rajika Sangakkara offered insight into this specific project. 

“The strategic plan will include stakeholder input gathering, overall conceptual framework, capacity strengthening approaches and fundraising strategy. The project will be executed via MTI’s international team as well as on-the-ground teams including MTI’s Bhutan-based associate; Druk Associates”

“We see great potential for Tarayana Foundation to serve and uplift more communities in Bhutan and we are pleased to be on board to facilitate and enable this outcome,” she concluded.