How LanciaConsult is giving back to the community

25 March 2021 5 min. read

The coronavirus crisis has placed third sector organisations under mounting pressure throughout the last year. Consultants from LanciaConsult have been working on various corporate social responsibility projects to help good causes around the world adapt and thrive during the pandemic.

Founded in 2012 in Singapore, LanciaConsult has grown its footprint and reputation through delivering complex projects to global clients. With offices now in Singapore and Europe the firm supports clients in the definition and delivery of complex business and technology transformations. While the firm has been a commercial success, however, LanciaConsult has also devoted significant effort toward weaving the community into its business model in recent years.

“We’ve known since LanciaConsult’s early years that we want to give back in a few simple ways,” explained Group Managing Director Jeffrey Cronkshaw. “[These include] supporting our local communities, driving employability and supporting differences so that everyone can enjoy life and work like we do.”

LanciaConsult’s Social Impact Framework

LanciaConsult has developed an approach that puts “commercial” and “charity” projects on an equal footing – even when the work is pro bono. This unusual strategy – ranking social and environmental impact in sync with revenue and brand – has made LanciaConsult a popular source of support, with the onslaught of the global pandemic jeopardising a number of good causes close to its employees hearts. The company has been busy “mobilising [its] entrepreneurial spirit” to help its partner charities adapt to the crisis.


One such project was with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust – created by Gerald Durrell to save species from extinction – amid the pandemic. The trust runs Jersey Zoo and conservation projects in 18 countries around the world – all of which needed to be better supported by its legacy IT systems during a year in which digital interactions had become crucial to maintaining operations.

In response, LanciaConsult workshopped Durrell’s data model and its core requirements, before defining the right solution architecture. After scanning the market for a new CRM solution, the consultants led on the commercial negotiations – eventually ensuring Durrell was able to avoid a costly outcome of selecting the wrong tool for the job, while allowing for the Trust to better collect revenues, and streamline important processes to deliver more timely information to donors even during lockdown.

Becky Brewer, Director of Finance and Commercial at Durrell, commented, “LanciaConsult have helped us select the right CRM solution. Without their support and guidance we could not have got this far so quickly or been so clear on our key requirements…”

Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust

Another Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagement for the benefit of the natural world saw LanciaConsult work with Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust. The Trust runs a working cemetery in Bristol, in the UK which also functions as a wildlife sanctuary, community venue and heritage site. At the end of a three-year business plan, the organisation needed to reconcile these parallel priorities within the new world that had emerged.

LanciaConsult’s team worked with the Trust to analyse recent years’ activities, finances and results, before workshopping with the organisation to co-create a mission and vision, accommodating the seemingly competing strategic goals into a single three-year plan. The plan came with indicators that can be used at a governance level to measures success regarding finance, technology and engagement, and with these coherent goals, the Trust can better enhance its natural and built assets for years to come.

Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust CEO Ellie Collier stated, “It was great to work with LanciaConsult on developing our new business plan. The team were hugely engaging and worked with us all to understand the complex facets of our organisation. It was a hugely collaborative experience…”

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The Island Foundation

LanciaConsult’s efforts also included CSR work for The Island Foundation, which exists to transform the learning ecosystem in Indonesia’s small island communities – while fostering 21st century skills. While the organisation was already confident in its innovative education model at the start of 2020, the foundation asked LanciaConsult to help it build on this base by defining its programmes’ impact and beginning to prove their effectiveness – just as face-to-face schooling hit pause and the foundation’s Learning Centres became even more essential.

The Island Foundation Executive Director Courtney Saville stated, “Students in Bintan have been hit hard by the Covid-19 global crisis. Teachers are struggling to engage with their students… as time goes on the risks continue to mount and carry the potential to impact children’s lives forever, increasing their susceptibility to inequality.”

The LanciaConsult team subsequently ran a series of workshops with The Island Foundation, examining its vision, mission, problem statement, outcomes and programme design, before defining design outputs and a system of monitoring and evaluation to examine its impact on a yearly basis.

With a clearer theory of change in place thanks to this work, The Island Foundation now finds itself in a better position to carry out its programme while gathering stronger evidence to attract philanthropic and statutory funders – boosting its organisational sustainability.

Further reading: For more information download LanciaConsult’s 2020 Social Impact Statement.