ComfortDelGro partners with R/GA for 'mobility lifestyle' app

15 March 2021 2 min. read

Transport company ComfortDelGro has teamed up with business and design consultancy R/GA to launch Zig, an innovative new app which blends mobility and lifestyle functions.

The Singapore arm of business, technology and design consultancy R/GA has partnered with public transportation services giant ComfortDelGro to develop the new lifestyle platform Zig. The app, which is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play, freshly combines an array of mobility and lifestyle services under the one umbrella, including a discovery function to explore new districts, experiences and attractions.

“Zig was created as a lifestyle platform to inspire and enable users to experience something new and expand our imagination,” said Dorothy Peng, Managing Director for R/GA Singapore. Described as an “online city concierge”, Zig brings together hospitality & entertainment promotions, ordering and reservations with journey planning, price comparisons across multiple transport options, and ride-booking and payment services.

ComfortDelGro partners with R/GA for 'mobility lifestyle' app

“While most apps today such as food delivery and e-commerce platforms drive users to online services, Zig is an online-to-offline platform that brings what we are familiar with and use every day – mobility and transport – and make it more seamless through the provision of lifestyle services,” commented Zig CEO Liew Wei Chee, with the company saying that a loyalty rewards programme should be introduced in the coming months.

In an evident bid to capture the lucrative millennial market, which has come to value experiences as much as if not more than the accumulation of personal possessions, the Zig app has been designed by R/GA with a bold, modern appearance and easy-to-use interface. The user experience, the firm says, is intended to reflect the platform’s goal of not just moving customers from A to B, but of ‘moving’ people through the experience of new discoveries.

Taking a consumer behaviour-centric approach in its design, R/GA crafted Zig from the ground up using Google’s latest mobile tech platform Flutter, with the app powered by lean, real-time data-driven technology. Highlighting the firm’s multidisciplinary nature at the intersection of business consulting, design and technology, R/GA also defined areas of opportunity for the enterprise. “We move as one collaborative team from start to finish,” Peng said.

“We’re makers who understand the power of design and technology and how it influences human behaviours – designing for new business strategies, digital products and services, building lean technology stacks, and designing communication and marketing strategies,” she told Campaign Asia. “We’ve combined the creativity and innovation of studios with the commercial expertise and strategic rigour of management consultants.”