N-Strategy Consulting Services partners with UK consultancy

24 August 2021 Consultancy.asia 2 min. read

Kuala Lumpur based N-Strategy Consulting Services has agreed a partnership with The Difference Group, a UK based digital marketing consultancy. 

Founded in 2016, N-Strategy Consulting Services is a consulting firm that advises scale-ups across Asia Pacific (and their investors) on topics including (international) growth, business consulting, investments, and partnerships & alliances, among others. The firm currently consists of a team of around 50 consultants, many of which have previously been involved with building successful businesses in the region. 

Partnering with The Difference Group, N-Strategy Consulting Services will now be able to provide its clients expanding into the UK with on the ground support and local expertise in the marketing domain. “We help clients from start to finish,” explained Alexander Lawford, founder of The Difference Group, “from marketing strategy, business development and communications, through to website development, content marketing, social media, advertising and more.”

N-Strategy Consulting Services partners with UK consultancy

The UK firm’s track record spans clients in a range of verticals, including delivering projects for CatchApp (mobile), CuberAlpha (cybersecurity), Hampleton Partners (mergers & acquisitions), SeedLegals (LegalTech), CharacterScope (HRtech) and Sales Confidence (Saas). N-Strategy Consulting Services itself focuses on clients in so-called ‘disruptive sectors’ with a focus on technology.

Vice versa, the partnership will enable The Difference Group to offer its clients – high growth European startups, scale-ups and tech SMEs – looking to enter Asia-Pacific markets with a more integrated, and locally tailored offering to meet Asia Pacific’s diverse landscape. “This partnership gives startups and scale-ups in the UK and Europe the ability to access the economies of the future,” said Nathanael Noiraud, the founder of N-Strategy Consulting Services. 

“While Covid-19 has delivered a heavy blow to European and American markets, APAC economies have fared much better, creating the perfect environment for economic expansion. Internationally operating Western companies should look to APAC to expand revenues, take first-mover advantage and gain critical local / regional know how.”