27 Group launches digital transformation and ventures subsidiary

03 June 2021 Consultancy.asia 3 min. read

Malaysia is experiencing a broad-based digitalisation drive across government and business, and management consultancy 27 Group is aiming to support this process through its new transformation subsidiary – 27 Digital.

Launched in the first quarter of this year, the new outfit is charting out the high-impact areas of Malaysia’s digitalising economy – spanning business transformation, innovation and entrepreneurship, smart city development and agricultural technology (agritech). 

Forming the core of 27 Digital is a host of experts in planning, transformation, data analytics and digital advisory services from 27 Group – a management consultancy based in Kuala Lampur that delivers corporate finance, advisory and project delivery services to public and private sector organisations across Southeast Asia for three decades.

27Group launches digital transformation and ventures subsidiary

The team has been supporting digitalisation efforts across Malaysia through last year’s pandemic response, and now breaks off into a specialised entity. Leading the new 27 Digital charge is Harish Subramaniam – a seasoned tech executive with 20 plus year career featuring leadership positions at Leo Burnett, Xgemina Group and Novem – among several other notable companies.

Subramaniam joined 27 Group in May last year and now takes over as executive director at the digital wing. He explained how the new subsidiary plans to add value to various aspects of Malaysia’s digital transition.

Transformation, smart cities, innovation and agritech

One is business transformation across communications, operations and supply chain – key elements in the post-pandemic business environment. “We want to help our clients stay relevant while focusing on their strategy and assist them with their digital transformation journey,” said Subramaniam.

Then there is the use of advanced technology to build cutting edge, low-emission, safe and clean urban centres – or smart cities. “Smart Cities require extensive network planning and inter-departmental collaboration of many strategic partners; namely, commercial companies, policy makers, governments including federal, state and local, and civil society,” he explained. 

27 Digital has hit the ground running in this space – having already run a policy study on the use of Industry 4.0 for infrastructure through last year. This is set to continue. “In 2021, we should see several smart city projects and initiatives in Malaysia that will drive the Industry 4.0 adoption.” 

“We are involved with some of these projects, and our team is ready to work with organisations, government agencies and ministries to plan, facilitate and support this comprehensive urban development initiatives.” 

Next on the agenda is innovation: 27 Digital is setting up tech-based ventures to explore the potential of new technology and build a skilled, future-ready workforce. According to Subramaniam, this reflects government efforts such as My Digital and Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint that look to support digital innovation. 

“The government is looking at RM70 billion investments in digitalisation by 2025 with the goal of the digital economy, eventually contributing 22.6 per cent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP),” he explained.

Last on the list is agritech, which makes up a key focus area for the ventures arm. “We will be launching our very first venture in agritech this year and we are confident that our solution-oriented platform will be able to address some of the issues associated with harvesting fresh fruit bunches and pruning in oil palm holdings due to shortage of skilled workers in many estates, government schemes and smallholdings in Malaysia and in other oil palm growing arrears,” concluded Subramaniam.