Deloitte launches new SAP Leonardo Innovation Space in China

28 April 2018 3 min. read

Deloitte and SAP have announced the launch of the first collaborative Leonardo Innovation Space. Located in China, the space will showcase the groundbreaking Leonardo software suite, which leverages emergent technologies to improve business processes.

SAP is a Germany-headquartered software corporation that builds enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. The business software giant recently released SAP Leonardo, a digital innovation system made up of software and micro-services which utilise the Internet of Things, machine learning, blockchain, analytics, and big data.

In May 2017, Deloitte announced a partnership with SAP to help build and deliver the innovative suite of services to clients. “Through this collaboration, we’re building a foundation – a set of co-innovation practices and processes – that will help position Deloitte Consulting to continuously develop and refine digital solutions for clients across industries,” said Deloitte Managing Partner Jim Moffatt.

This month, the first global Deloitte Leonardo Innovation Space – a new centre for showcasing the collaborative partnership between the Big Four advisory and SAP – has been launched in China. Deloitte China IT Consulting Lead Denken Meng and SAP China CEO Edward Chen were on hand at the centre’s unveiling.Edward Chen and Denken Meng Deloitte is one of SAP’s most important digital transformation partners, both at a global as well as local level. In China, the consultancy receiving the award for best SAP adoption partner in China for two years running (2016 and 2017).

Deloitte also strives to provide its clients with the cutting edge in digitally innovative processes; the integration of the innovative tech-harnessing SAP Leonardo software and service platform will ensure that Deloitte’s clients remain ahead of the curve.

The new innovation space will boast an Experience Centre where clients can be provided with an interactive digital experience that will demonstrate the functions, innovations, and results that their businesses can expect from Leonardo integration. The space will also include a Joint Innovation Base where SAP and Deloitte will hold ‘design thinking’ workshops with clients to develop creative solutions using Leonardo.

Further, the space will demonstrate exemplary cases: for example, one featured case shows how SAP Leonardo uses machine learning to predict equipment failures by using sensor readings and sharing information throughout the enterprise, drastically limiting downtime.

“Both Deloitte and SAP expect not only to support Chinese companies, but also to build connections for global companies to bridge the digital transformation gap,” said a Deloitte China spokesperson. “With this cooperation, we will help companies consolidate their digital core while concurrently carrying out large-scale rapid innovations, developing new business models, and embracing a new digital future.”

Last week ABeam Consulting, one of Deloitte's rivals in the Asian SAP consulting scene, unveiled that it has been hired by Bangkok Glass to support a large SAP-HANA roll-out.