New data science and machine learning consultancy launches in Hong Kong

28 March 2018 3 min. read

Pathway, a new player in the data science consultancy space, has entered the Asian market with an office launched in Hong Kong.

On the back of a growing regional demand for data science and machine learning expertise, the newly established Pathway Data Science will offer advisory services to Asia Pacific clients in the areas of data-driven transformations, insights into existing data, developing machine-learning models, and, among other provisions, the production and integration of real-life applications.

In addition to data science, the new firm bills itself as a ‘machine-learning’ consultancy, with a keen focus on emergent technologies. “Machine learning techniques make it possible for a computing system to learn from data, answer questions, make predictions, reach conclusions and solve problems without the need to specify an explicit set of rules required to achieve the desired outcome,” the company stated, adding that fresh applications were being constantly developed.

Such practical applications already include the advent of robotic financial advisors, medical assessments, applicant scoring and business forecasts, yet, according to the new firm, while a growing number of Asian businesses are keen to adopt data science and AI technologies, “many face significant hurdles when the time comes to set out such strategies in more details, make technological choices, hire the right talents, and engage service providers.”Pathway launches in Hong KongPathway will aim to address such issues for clients through a holistic and end-to-end approach, from initial discussions on business objectives through to independent data analysis, machine-learning design, and the implementation process, as well as offering training support for future in-house alterations as may be required – ‘making it possible for companies to independently run their models continuously or at any given time of the day.’

The new enterprise will be led by Founder and Managing Director Georges Louchart, who has an association with the Asian region dating back to at least 1998, when, after graduating the highly prestigious French École Polytechnique with an M.Sc in Economics and Finance, he joined Crédit Agricole’s corporate and investment banking unit as an Assistant Vice-President - Project & Structured Finance in Hong Kong.

Following his four-year stint with Crédit Agricole CIB, Louchart has since been engaged in a number of financial advisory roles in Asia, including periods with Société Générale as an Associate in Hong Kong, and as a Director for Acquisitions, Investments and Financial Advisory with French utility company ENGIE in Bangkok. Prior to his latest venture, Louchart co-founded Lee & Park, a liaison and general corporate financial advisory services provider in Korea established in 2012.

On the latest launch, which will be based in the Causeway Bay area of Hong Kong, one of the most expensive patches of real estate on the planet, Louchart said; “Characterised by a dearth of qualified talent, modern data science requires a combination of numerous skills and disciplines, including statistics, computer science, business and economics… What Pathway offers is a comprehensive service that can accommodate any client's particular setup and requirements."