SAP names Abeam Consulting inaugural partner of RSSP program

06 March 2023 2 min. read

Global ERP giant SAP has named ABeam Consulting the inaugural partner of its new Regional Strategic Services Partner (RSSP) program.

Launched last month, the Regional Strategic Services Partner (RSSP) program aims to help SAP consulting partners scale up across the 48 countries in Asia Pacific.

The program has a similar setup to SAP’s Global Strategic Services Partner (GSSP) program, but is distinct for the fact that it has a much more region focused approach. “RSSP program partners will be helped to scale their SAP practice more quickly across Asia Pacific and collaborate more closely with SAP to deliver joint customer success,” said Paul Marriott, President Asia Pacific at SAP.

SAP names Abeam Consulting inaugural partner of RSSP program

According to SAP, close to 20% of all its 24,000 registered partners globally are based in Asia Pacific. Interest in joining the program was therefore not surprisingly high, with ABeam Consulting given the prestigious nod to become the first partner.

“Congratulations to ABeam Consulting on becoming our first partner to join the Regional Strategic Services Partner initiative,” said Marriott. We look forward to amplifying Abeam Consulting’s SAP expertise across the region and drive more innovations for customers.”

Headquartered in Tokyo, ABeam Consulting is one of Asia Pacific’s largest homegrown consulting firms. The firm has around 6,000 staff in 8 countries in the region, as well as smaller operations in Europe and the Americas.

“It gives us great pride to know that ABeam Consulting is the first partner on board SAP’s Regional Strategic Services Partner initiative. This is a recognition of the fast growth of our SAP business and the quality of our flexible and adaptive services that take into account diverse local business practices and needs,” said Tatsuya Kamoi, President and CEO of ABeam Consulting.

“It also highlights our advantages in delivering cutting-edge solutions and realising customer value, as well as the scalability of our integrated deployment across our Asian offices.”

“ABeam Consulting has been a long-time partner to SAP, and this initiative further strengthens our partnership.”

Through the RSSP initiative, ABeam Consulting will benefit from strategic support provided by SAP, which include efforts such as industry-aligned solutions, joint go-to-market strategy, and access to SAP industry expertise.