Incite Consulting opens for business in Singapore and Japan

13 February 2023 3 min. read

Launching in Singapore and Japan, Incite Consulting is a new consultancy that provides advisory around digital transformation.

Co-founded by a trio of seasoned technology executives, along with an initial group of consultants, Incite Consulting aims to respond to Asia’s booming demand for digitalisation expertise and support.

According to research by IDC, spending on digital technology by Asia Pacific organisations is set to grow more than three times faster than the broader regional economy in 2023.

Incite Consulting opens for business in Singapore and Japan

“Our mission is to help accelerate our clients’ transformations and create business value, with the aim of revolutionising industries and establishing sustainable businesses through the utilisation of technology and data as the foundation to long term success,” explained Dan Brassington, Managing Partner at Incite Consulting.

Headquartered in Singapore, with additional offices in Japan, Incite Consulting plans to also launch in Australia in the coming months.

In the run-up to its formal launch last week, the firm has already found plenty of opportunities to put its plans to the test, picking up a number of landmark engagements in recent months.

Pointing to one example, Brassington confirmed Incite Consulting had been engaged by a leading Asian insurer, which was having its digital experience offering hamstrung by an outdated technology platform. Incite Consulting supported the company with a comprehensive approach to develop an improvement roadmap.

Then, the consulting firm assessed the state of the client’s IT and core business processes, before partnering to create a methodology for change.

Brassington: “We mapped a clear plan and new strategy to address the areas of concern with multiple recommendations from both a technical, people, skills, process and regulatory perspective. The plan has helped the insurer prioritise the critical IT initiatives and capabilities along with the budgeting for each of the areas in order to lay the foundation to drive the digital footprint.”

“The detailed analysis is driving a multi-year plan for the leadership team to follow while alignment to help achieve the business growth strategy.”

Elsewhere, a regional Asian bank worked with Incite Consulting on advancing its data journey, with the aim of becoming a data-driven organisation. The consultancy supported this process, by providing an assessment of the current state of technology, governance, and operating model. Then, the firm produced a technology blueprint and transformation plan, and delivered a new operating model.

Brassington: “The new transformation plan will help; streamline the move to cloud, reduction of legacy tech, establish a plan build a centre of excellence for data and analytics and a new operating model that will serve as the bridge between the strategy and execution plan.”

“This is helping the bank drive more business value, show business stakeholders verifiable value as data will be a critical asset, and lay the foundations for a move from digitization to digital business transformation.”

The two examples are indicative of how Incite Consulting can help many clients to get the most from new technology implementations, according to Brassington.

Concluding that “there are many underlying integrations and processes that all need to fit together,” he warned businesses that as great as the potential of digitalisation is for businesses, the type of transformations they necessitate “doesn’t happen overnight,” and that more than ever this means “clients need our help.”