Synpulse adds financial planning fintech BTO to partner ranks

11 November 2020 2 min. read
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One of Singapore’s most promising fintech’s has joined Synpulse’s partner ranks, deepening the consulting firm’s offering in the financial planning space.

Launched in 2015, BetterTradeOff is a software company that helps financial planners – working at banks, insurers or as independents – with servicing their clients. The firm’s solution makes it easy for people to understand their personal finance, explore the impact of decisions or life changing purchases (e.g. buying a new home) on their situation and plan for retirement. 

BetterTradeOff’s key differentiator is its simplicity. “Our solution makes it possible for everyone, regardless of financial acumen, to make better financial decisions,” explained Laurent Bertrand, chief executive officer of the financial technology company.

Synpulse adds financial planning fintech BTO to partner ranks

Having already been deployed in among others Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines and the UAE, BetterTradeOff has set its sights on further international expansion. “Our mission is to make sound financial planning a reality for everyone. This means making our solution available in more countries and to millions of more people,” said Bertrand, a former BCG consultant who co-founded the firm together with fellow UBS alumnus Robert Lonsdorfer. 

This is where the new partnership with Synpulse comes in. The consultancy works with financial services executives across Asia, Europe and North America, helping them with management consultancy and digital transformation. Synpulse boasts a partner network of over 100 advisory companies, technology providers and innovative start-ups, which now also includes BetterTradeOff. 

“Partnering with Synpulse brings deep industry understanding and exceptional tech support capabilities that are critical to our mission,” said Bertrand.

The collaboration sees the 500-strong consulting firm incorporate BetterTradeOff’s solution into its offerings for wealth and asset managers, challenger banks and insurance companies, Salomon Wettstein, a partner at Synpulse in Hong Kong said: “As consumer behaviour continues to shift, financial institutions recognise the need to accelerate the development and adoption of digital solutions to make financial planning accessible to customers across all segments.”

“This partnership brings together Synpulse’s knowhow in digital transformation, data analytics, and its regulatory and advisory capabilities, with BetterTradeOff’s innovative financial planning platform that allows financial institutions to build a unique sales channel and deeper customer engagement through a seamlessly integrated financial planning journey from start to end.”