R/GA brings consulting services to Asia Pacific

06 December 2017 Consultancy.asia 2 min. read
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International advertising agency R/GA has launched a consulting practice in Singapore to offer innovative organisational design and managed services to businesses in the Asia Pacific region.

Entering into the Asia Pacific region is an expansion of R/GA’s existing services in North America, originally developed to fill a perceived gap in the market by bridging technology and business solutions to better enable business innovation.

In addition to design and managed services, R/GA will also be offering clients their Connected Space service, a program designed to connect the physical and digital landscapes through the integration of architecture, technology and design.

Jehan Leange will lead the team in Singapore, appointed as executive director of consulting, APAC, in a newly created role. Informed by a background in traditional consulting, Leange believes that agencies that are technologically strong are better placed to provide services for developing modern businesses. He says of R/GA’s fresh approach to service, "With new trends in business problems that we are seeing now, we feel traditional management consultancies and tech consulting models are not fit for purpose."

Creative agency R/GA brings consulting services to Asia Pacific

Leange continued, "Currently with business solutions, you would expect them to be outcome driven and have tangible outcomes, but with the traditional model, at management consultancies, for strategy work the outcome would be a deck telling you where the problems are. You would then need a tech firm to implement the changes."

As for the company’s move into Asia, Leange highlights the growing shift in technology spending toward IT and business solutions as opposed to the more traditional infrastructure such as data and telecommunications, stating that the focus in mature markets is on business information. With greater existing infrastructure in place, Leange cites Singapore, Australia, Japan and China as examples of such markets, but is quick to add, "In the next couple of years all markets in Asia will also be focused on business solutions.” In effect, the timing appears to be right.