RSM partners with Inflo on global accounting collaboration platform

07 May 2020 2 min. read
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Accounting and advisory network RSM International has launched a next generation collaboration portal in partnership with industry platform Inflo.

Global mid-tier accounting and advisory network RSM – the world’s sixth largest organisation of its kind – has become the first to sign a global partnership with fintech firm Inflo for the launch of a new cutting-edge client portal solution. Designed specifically for the audit and accounting industry, the tool aims to provide seamless audit, compliance and advisory services amidst the current business environment.

“More than ever, it is vital that we continue to deliver on our client commitments not only during but, importantly, beyond this challenging situation we all find ourselves in,” said RSM’s Global Quality and Risk leader Marion Hannon. “With that in mind, we are delighted to have partnered with Inflo, in order to further augment our collaboration capabilities and facilitate an enhanced approach to providing audit, compliance and advisory services.”

Established in 2016 by current CEO Mark Edmondson and COO Graham Clark, who between them spent upwards of a decade and a half in various roles at PwC, Inflo provides accounting firms with a cloud-based software platform geared toward easy collaboration and featuring a range of functionalities, including reporting, risk management and fraud detection, and data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities.

RSM partners with Inflo on global accounting collaboration platform

“Aside from facilitating a more streamlined approach to client services, the portal provides increased levels of security and peace of mind for users across the board,” Hannon said. “At RSM, the protection of client and staff data is and always has been of the utmost importance to us. This Collaborate tool goes a step further in helping us to build even better client relationships, by allowing them to communicate information with us effortlessly and in a safe manner.”

Speaking on the partnership, Inflo CEO Edmondson added; “We are delighted to be working with RSM International. This deal is testament to our ability to deliver the technology needed by the global accounting profession and provide the support which is critical to success. We’re looking forward to playing a key role in RSM’s vision for a globally consistent client experience harnessing the latest technologies on the market.”

Like other advisories around the world, RSM has sprung into action to provide support to businesses having to contend with a drastically altered landscape brought about by the global coronavirus pandemic, including the sudden shift to a remote workforce. Edmonson concludes; “With the move to remote working fundamentally changing the traditional delivery of accounting services, RSM’s work with Inflo will ensure clients receive valuable support from their advisers.”