Singapore's 3E Accounting International network continues rapid expansion

18 February 2020 3 min. read

Singapore-based rofessional services network 3E Accounting International has reached the 80-country milestone for international members – just the six months after hitting 60.

Founded in Singapore less than a decade ago, professional services network 3E Accounting International has celebrated the addition of a new member in Ghana – extending its footprint to 80 countries worldwide. The latest milestone comes only six months after 3E crossed the 60 country mark, with the firm having since then proactively engaged professional accounting businesses operating in Eastern Europe and the growing new economies of Africa.

“Accounting firms are keen to join 3E Accounting International because we are the largest homegrown global accounting network in Asia,” said 3E founder Lawrence Chai. “Overseas accounting firms want to join 3E Accounting International as they trust the Singapore Brand. It is this reputation for good governance, respect for rule of law, regulatory compliance and transparency that has resonated well with our network members and clients around the world.” 

While 3E was established locally in 2011, it only took its first international steps roughly five years ago, first with an office in Malaysia and then by extending beyond Asia just two years later with the addition of a member in Cyprus. Now, 3E boasts members on five continents, including other recent additions in Mozambique, Luxembourg, and the Isle of Man. The rapid expansion, the firm says, is part of its vision to become the world’s leading corporate services provider.

Lawrence Chai - Founder - 3E Accounting International

“One of the most valuable benefits of joining a global accounting network is that you not only become a member, you are forging a strategic alliance with experts and accounting firms around the world to share knowledge with one another, especially on country-specific accounting, tax, auditing and advisory services,” adds Chai, who started his career at Baker Tilly in Malaysia. “Our global network offers members referral services and networking opportunities.”

In addition to traditional accounting, 3E – which takes its name from the three ‘Es’ of ‘efficiency, effectiveness and economy’ – aims to keep abreast of the global shift towards technology and automation by offering digital solutions supported by business advisory, entrepreneurship and startup programme services. But the primary focus of the global network is in supporting clients with their international ambitions through local knowledge and expertise.  

“The ethos of 3E Accounting International is to be an enabler for small businesses and startups to expand overseas,” Chai states. “We made this breakthrough by forging a strategic partnership with network members around the world. The formation of our international accounting network demonstrates that even a small and medium-sized accounting practice can provide services to international clients and compete with the best of international firms when going global."