Accenture launches hub in Singapore aimed at public safety innovation

24 January 2020 3 min. read

Global professional services firm Accenture has opened a new innovation centre for ‘situational awareness’ in Singapore, aimed at helping public safety organisations to protect citizens.

Singapore has been chosen as the locale for Accenture’s first global innovation centre for situational awareness, established with the view to enabling public safety organisations to make better informed decisions in protecting citizens and communities. The new centre has been launched with the support of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), and is geared toward public safety organisations in both the Asia Pacific and around the world.

Described as a vibrant collaborative environment, the new hub aims to bring together digital innovators from public and private sectors, Accenture professionals, and the firm’s clients in an effort to uncover breakthrough solutions in anticipating and responding to threats – by tapping into advancing technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and augmented and virtual reality. The centre also hopes to build further confidence and trust.

“Improving situational awareness is crucial for public safety agencies to better anticipate threat, risk and harm, allowing them to respond to public safety-related incidents faster and in a more informed way,” said James Slessor, Accenture’s global Public Safety lead. “By responsibly using innovative technologies, these agencies can better anticipate public safety incidents, improve the safety of first responders, and deliver services to citizens and communities more effectively.”

Accenture launches hub in Singapore aimed at public safety innovation

For the launch, Accenture has teamed with analytics software provider SAS as a strategic technology partner to co-develop what it describes as situational-awareness solutions that responsibly support the missions and operations of public safety agencies, with technology specialists to apply design thinking methodologies to resolve challenges and transform agency data into real-time intelligence. Accenture will also collaborate with other leading technology companies.

“Our new center provides a space for government agencies to collaborate with each other and with the private sector to apply innovations that will ultimately increase their situational awareness and accelerate their digital transformation journeys,” said Accenture’s Health & Public Service practice for Singapore, Wee Wei Ng, who added that that digitisation has become increasingly relevant as Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative reshapes the delivery of public services.

As such, the new innovation has received the support of Singapore’s EDB. “Accenture and Singapore enjoy a strong partnership in developing systems, infrastructure and services that are critical to public safety,” commented Dawn Lim, the EBD’s Director of Commercial and Professional Services. “We are pleased that Accenture has chosen Singapore as the location for its first innovation center dedicated to situational awareness technologies.”

The launch adds to a busy period to begin the new year for the global professional services giant, both locally and globally. At the start of the month, Accenture released its latest NewsPage update, NewsPage 9, which serves as an integrated distributor management and sales automation system for consumer products companies, while globally the firm has recently announced changes to its growth model together with an expanded Global Management Committee.