Deloitte delivery centre to create over 1,000 jobs in the Philippines

12 June 2019 3 min. read

Deloitte expects to create over 1,000 jobs over the next five years through its new global delivery centre launched in the Philippines.

Joining a growing worldwide network – including regional locations in China and Malaysia – Deloitte has formally launched a global delivery center in the Philippines, with expectations the centre’s headcount will grow to 1,000 over the coming five years. Based at the firm’s new Bonifacio Global City location in Taguig in the capital Manila, the delivery centre will serve predominantly Asia Pacific clients.

“The Philippines is an ideal location given the convenience in time zones since we will be, for the most part, servicing our clients’ businesses and operations in the Asia Pacific,” said Uday Sreeram, the managing director of the centre who led its establishment. “Most importantly, there is an abundance of young talent from the local universities that have the passion and ambition to develop a career in the global IT arena.”

According to Global Delivery Network leader Jeff Jordan, the new Deloitte Consulting Philippines Delivery Center (PDC) is set to become one the largest in its worldwide network – although by numbers it’s likely to remain well shy of Deloitte’s Hyderabad location, which, more broadly, intends to double its total headcount to 80,000 in the coming years. Still, the PDC will grow significantly from its current 150 personnel.

Deloitte delivery centre to create over 1,000 jobs in the Philippines

“What we are committed to is growing this location, getting it to scale… We have varying sizes, but when we accelerate or fast forward two years, this will be one of the top five that we would have in terms of size and scale. And if we are really successful, it would easily be at the top two or three,” Jordan said. “We’ve committed around 700 jobs over a few years but I believe given the market where we are going, we could see a thousand.”

In a bid to expand its roster – with the firm on the lookout for engineers, IT and computer science practitioners, designers and communications professionals, Deloitte has partnered with recruitment agencies as well as local academic institutions including the University of the Philippines and University of Santo Tomas to uncover fresh talent. “We will tap more schools in the coming months,” stated Sreeram.

A 14-year veteran with the firm, and former SAP practice leader for Deloitte’s delivery centre in India, Sreeram continued; “Filipino IT professionals will have a chance to enhance their skills and gain valuable experience from working on major international projects, and expand their knowledge and get valuable insights from our talented staff in Deloitte technology centers worldwide.”

According to Deloitte, the new centre will have a focus on tech consulting services in Digital, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), ServiceNow, SAP, and Workday, with the firm choosing the location above others considered in part due to the local talent pool. “There are some very ambitious growth plans for Asia Pacific within Deloitte Consulting and in order to cater to those plans, we need a very strong delivery arm within this time zone,” concluded Sreeram.