Security consultancy Deutsche Risk makes moves in strategic Asian expansion

24 December 2018 3 min. read

German-origin risk and security consultancy Deutsche Risk has in recent months embarked on a committed expansion into Asia, with a new office and boss and further well-funded plans afoot.

Formed in Frankfurt in 2016, Deutsche Risk provides medium to large international businesses, NGOs, non-profits and public sector clients with expertise in the planning, development and support of complex security and risk management requirements, offering end-to-end solutions in everything from analytics, operations, investigations and risk management to executive protection and threat monitoring.

Since its inception in Germany, the security and risk consultancy has grown to a global team of more than 100 consultants spread across offices in Europe and the US, and mid-year the firm launched its first Asian office at Marina Bay Financial Centre in the heart of Singapore to serve as is regional Asia Pacific headquarters – signaling the beginning of an ambitious and determined expansion into the region.

“The Singapore office represents a strategic expansion at this critical period of economic transformation in Southeast Asia of the Deutsche Risk services organisation. Deutsche Risk has decided to position our regional headquarters in Singapore, as we have sensed the opportunities arising from the various economic development trends in Southeast Asia,” said Deutsche Risk Group CEO Jakob Korslund at the time of the launch.

Korslund continued; “Drawing on resources and professional experience from our global network, Deutsche Risk aims to support companies in Southeast Asia in realising their vision of business transformation and upgrade, while taking the lead in raising the standards of the modern security services industry in the region. The establishment of the new (office) serves as a strong testament to the commitment to consolidating and expanding the presence in the region as the partner of choice in building business resilience and driving security enhancements.”Risk consultancy Deutsche Risk makes moves in strategic Asian expansionSince the firm’s launch in Singapore, Deutsche Risk has further moved to consolidate its local presence with the recruitment of experienced high-level researcher and analysist Scott Flower as President and Head of Asia Pacific, as well as by bringing more than half a dozen specialist security consultants to its manufacturing security optimisation department – creating in the process one of the largest such departments in the region.

Following an earlier stint in the Australian Armed Forces and as a mountain rescuer with New Zealand’s Department of Conservation, Flower has during his career gone on to advise Exxon Mobil and BHP on political risks and security in Papua New Guinea as well as serve as a senior intelligence analyst with the Australian Attorney General’s office – earning a doctorate in Public Policy and International Relations along the way,  and since acting as a research fellow for numerous respected universities and institutions.

Meanwhile, the consulting firm’s ongoing strategic expansion in the region has been underpinned by a fresh S$600,000 investment, aimed at supporting the launch of further country offices – with two new outlets slated for Thailand and one each in Myanmar and Vietnam – as well as opportunities for additional inorganic growth through mergers and acquisitions. According to the firm, negotiations are already underway to purchase a majority share in two regionally-based security enterprises.

“Deutsche Risk Group’s technical division designs, engineers, tests and manufactures some of the most advanced protection and risk mitigation technologies and monitoring techniques of today and the future, including advanced operation systems, high-security information and valuable’s storage and management,” said Korslund. “Our employees are working every day to solve some of the biggest challenges facing our clients and our world.