Deloitte launches future work and mobility centres of excellence in Singapore

23 August 2018 4 min. read

Deloitte has selected Singapore for the launch of its new global future of mobility innovation centre, to be developed in a further collaboration with the Singapore Economic Development Board.

Following the recent establishment of a career conversion programme for the consulting sector, and the launch of its Future of Work Center of Excellence (CoE) and Cognitive Analytics Solutions CoE over the past year, Deloitte is once again teaming up with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) on a new initiative; the Future of Mobility Global Solution Center. 

The new Future of Mobility center “will blend digital and analytics capabilities with ecosystem and solution engineering to design and develop proofs of concept, prototypes, eminence, and solutions” in respect to the rapidly evolving mobility domain, which is being disrupted by a range of converging technologies and social developments – with Singapore recently named by Deloitte rival KPMG as the world’s second-most prepared nation for autonomous vehicles (although China leads the way globally in electric vehicle development and shared mobility).

With early prototypes expected over the coming year, Deloitte states that the initial focus of the centre will be on electric vehicle analytics, insurance implications, and mobility management solutions. “The shift towards more technologically advanced transportation systems will have implications well beyond the automotive industry,” said Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen. “Across industries—from technology to insurance, energy and more—companies will need to rethink how they create value for customers, compete to capture value for themselves, and transform the way they work.”

Deloitte launches future work and mobility centres of excellence in Singapore

EDB chairman Beh Swan Gin commented: “We are encouraged by Deloitte’s decision to establish its Future of Mobility Global Solution Center in Singapore. Deloitte’s leading position and capabilities in digital and data analytics will be a valuable addition to our ecosystem of transport operators, automotive suppliers, technology firms and insurance providers. The Center will be able to catalyse more industry collaborations, and help companies develop and commercialise mobility solutions and services for the region and beyond.”

The Future of Mobility CoE continues Deloitte's strong regional push – which includes a $321 million talent splash over the next three years in line with an Asia Pacific operational merger, and follows a year on from the launch of a Future of Work CoE in the city, described as a first-of-its-kind platform to anticipate market disruptions and address the challenge of a widening skills mismatch.

Deloitte at the time noted the unprecedented nature of its investment into the centre, with the Big Four firm setting aside $20 million for the project – representing one of the largest outlays for the advisory in collaboration with another organisation. The Future of Work CoE harnesses data analytics, automation tools and workforce planning cloud models to more accurately predict future workforce needs, while employing and training local talent in data science and other highly sought after technical skills.

“Cognitive technologies, robotics and accelerating connectivity are all elements of a seismic shift impacting how and where work is performed,” Renjen said at the time. “Almost every job will be reinvented as personal expectations of work evolve and essential human skills are augmented by technology... Through this new Center of Excellence, Deloitte is committed to helping organisations navigate these challenges successfully.”