Wavestone is an international consultancy that provides connected thinking, insight and capability to industry leading organisations. We work collaboratively with our clients to plan strategic business transformation and seamlessly turn strategy into action.

Wavestone was created from the collective desire to form an international management consultancy that transcends borders, equipped with a unique and differentiated value proposition that is relevant to the biggest strategic challenges of the digital age. In a world where permanent evolution is key to success, we enlighten and partner our clients in making their most critical business decisions. Wavestone has the unique capacity to combine industry expertise, knowledge of business functions and technological know-how. Our team of over 2,500 consultants combine these key areas of excellence to seamlessly deliver business transformation across four continents to our Global clients.

We believe that…
… innovation has become an imperative for every organisation
… developing a successful business strategy demands mastering enabling technologies
… an idea remains just a concept until the right resources can make it happen.

The brand
The Wavestone brand was created following the merger of Solucom and parts of Kurt Salmon’s European business as well as the Financial Services and CIO advisory practices of Kurt Salmon in the US. The UK office of Wavestone has its roots in Hudson & Yorke, which was acquired by Solucom in 2015. As a result we have over 25 years of valuable legacy in delivering business transformation in the UK, Europe, North America, Africa and Asia Pacific.

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