S.POINT is a leading product innovation company. With over 20 years of innovation experience, we have deep understanding of the local market and great experience in product innovation. S.POINT provides a full range of subject matter expertise and management consulting services to clients in a variety of industries and sectors. Our diversified portfolio harvests innovative work collaborated with top tier brands including Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, Samsung, Philips, BD, Audi, NIO, Unilever and etc. 

S.POINT is also an active member of Cordence Worldwide, a uniquely agile global management consulting partnership. We share resources with 10 member firms from 22 countries around the world. Via Cordence Worldwide, we can serve our clients across geographies and areas of expertise. 

We are fanatical about discovering the real needs of the customers, finding unique market opportunities, creating innovative products and services solutions to meet client’s business targets. Our multi-disciplinary design and engineering team provide tailored product innovation solutions to the clients, making sure the launch date is always on schedule.

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