Ma Foi Strategic Consultants

Started in 1992 by K.Pandiarajan, Ma Foi (pronounced "Ma Fwa"‚Äč) set out to change the HR Industry with a Value driven approach that elevated the Jobseeker from being a commodity in the Human Capital market to a highly dignified asset sought after by Companies.

Ma Foi gained a niche as a Trusted Global Player with a service spectrum that extended beyond Recruitment and covered the entire gamut of HR services like Staffing, Training, Consulting, Outsourcing and HR Automation. Ma Foi also carved out a space for itself with services like Organization Development, Diagnostics, HR Strategy & Systems, Interim Management, Assessment, Psychoprofiling, Leadership Development and Employee Engagement.

With 20 years of enviable experience under its belt, Ma Foi has launched itself into a new era of evolution in 2012 with Strategic Consulting, Research and Education services under the banner of Ma Foi Strategic Consultants.

Ma Foi’s strategy consultants help business leaders to navigate through the complex array of strategic avenues in today’s business environment. By delivering a well-structured strategic framework backed by comprehensive data and action-oriented implementation plans emphasizing on accountability, Ma Foi offers practical solutions that drive holistic growth of a business.