Intueri Consulting

We are a global establishment providing high-grade insights to your business values amidst the updated economic, legal, socio-political and trade-transactional atmosphere. We are here to analyse and configure probable recommendations for your business. We mine data on the macro-economic and socio-political changes. We also provide information to the promoters or the management of the business to create awareness regarding any kind of opportunities or risks.

We have a proprietary analytical platform to work on the data subscribed from over 100 international databases. We have a consulting unit also to source and feed specific requirements from the customers to this analytic platform to generate credible analysis for the customer’s businesses. We are enriched with almost 50 expert minds to take of this entire system. INTUERI has 20 years of experience in providing advice regarding its service like taxation, trading, economics, socio-political uncertainties, etc.

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