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Barbara Strozzilaan 101
1083 HN Amsterdam
the Netherlands

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Phone:  +31 85 4837000

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As a Professional Services company you will need to act mobile, online, smart and fast. Google Apps for Work combined with VOGSY, the best Google based ERP App, and selected services in the Google Marketplace offer ready-to-use building blocks for your business. As Hyper Specialist for Professional Services Organizations, GeeFirm helps you to become agile and adaptive and therefore more relevant for your customers.

Our business solutions match the needs of the Professional Services and High Tech industries:

  • Business Consultancy
  • Media / Communication Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Entertainment Services
  • IT Services
  • Engineers
  • Accountancy Services
  • Architects
  • Law Firms

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Are you an enthousiatic specialist who wants to change the way people collaborate and communicate? Do you want to work for the best Google Enterprise Services partner which integrates cloud based business applications. Than please apply for our jobs.

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