LanciaConsult again in fastest growing companies of Singapore

27 January 2024 3 min. read

The Straits Times has released its latest list of the 100 fastest growing companies in Singapore, with management consultancy LanciaConsult featuring for the second year running.

Business advisory LanciaConsult has extended its impressive run of growth with a second consecutive listing in Singapore’s 100 fastest growing companies, more than doubling its revenues from 2019 to 2022 to land at 67th overall. During that period, the firm celebrated its 10-year anniversary, having been established in the city-state in 2012 before spreading to the UK, Germany, and most recently Indonesia.

“Growth has been part of our culture since we founded,” stated CEO Jeffrey Cronkshaw. “Growth opens up opportunities for our team, pushes us to take on new challenges, and keeps us focused on being relevant.”

LanciaConsult again in fastest growing companies of Singapore

“Making the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Singapore for the second year is a massive endorsement of this and one we are hugely proud of. Sharing this list with some of our clients makes this even more special,” Cronkshaw continued.

Compiled by market research platform Statista, the annual list – now into its sixth edition – considers the three-year performance of locally-headquartered independent companies generating revenues in excess of SGD$1.5 million in 2022, with LanciConsult easily surpassing that mark with figures of almost $12 million in 2022. The number represents a 115 percent rise from its 2019 take of $5.5 million, with a three-year CAGR just shy of 30 percent.

That was enough for Lancia to improve its ranking by four places, up to 67th from 71st spot at the start of last year, named among only a small handful of companies in the management consulting bracket, including cyber and regulatory specialist Pragma. Lancia meanwhile offers a wide variety of services to clients across a range of sectors, covering among other areas business analysis and strategy, M&A and change management, and data & analytics expertise.

Overall, the list was topped for the second time by energy company Rex International courtesy of a three-year CAGR of 980 percent, while the upper ranks were filled by emerging players form the logistics & transportation, life sciences, education, real estate and manufacturing sectors among others – all of which LanciaConsult lists among its specialties alongside other dedicated lines in retail, private equity, telecommunications, and technology.

“The common thread running through these seemingly disparate firms is that they all used innovative technology and software to run their business,” stated Straits Times’ business correspondent Sue-Ann Tan, with Statista analyst Kim Seoyoung adding: “The top companies have indeed an interesting mixture of industries. Though they run their business in different sectors, the products strongly involve platforms and software tools.”

The list also revealed Lancia’s number of local employees had risen from 32 to 84 professionals over the corresponding period, including recent technical consultant recruit Keng Munn Foong, who joined late last year from Accenture, with Lancia’s founders and numerous senior leaders also bringing a background from the global tech giant.

As rivals slimmed their ranks, Lancia altogether added 30 new members across its six global offices over the past twelve months.