Traveloka and South Pole launch pilot climate action checkout

20 June 2023 2 min. read

Users of Traveloka in Singapore are now able to contribute to global climate action while booking flights on the platform. The new tool allows travellers to see the amount of greenhouse gases emitted on their flight and enables them to donate to sustainability projects.

South Pole, a global climate focused consultancy, has teamed up with leading Indonesian travel platform Traveloka to bring the checkout feature to light.

The revenue generated from the project will be put towards the Khon Buri wastewater treatment plant in Thailand. The plant uses methane gas emissions from a starch factory and converts it into heat and electricity that is used by the facility.

More than just raising funds for the wastewater treatment plant in Thailand, the initiative also aims to raising awareness among customers and allow them to feel involved in contributing to reaching a global net zero goal.

“As the region’s leading travel platform, we continue to address our operations’ emissions, and empower travellers to understand and address their environmental impact, even while rediscovering their love for exploring the world,” said Caesar Indra, president of Traveloka.

A report from last month showed how Traveloka – in addition to being a big player in the regional travel industry – has recently made contributions in other areas like agriculture and energy. The company is thought to have added a remarkable $10 billion to Indonesia’s GDP from 2019 to 2022.

“We need everyone, everywhere to play an active role in addressing climate change. We must go beyond reducing our own impact and invest in climate action activities that reduce emissions across the globe now,” said Marwan Mounzer, global associate director of digital solutions at South Pole.

“Research tells us that it’s not just companies who are looking for an opportunity to take responsibility for their impact. Customers are too. South Pole’s solutions provide that opportunity – making meaningful climate action possible for every one of us, right now. That's why we're proud to be partnering with Traveloka in building customer awareness and driving emission reductions contributing to global net zero with their every purchase.”

Air travel – both regional in Southeast Asia, and also globally – has largely bounced back from the darkest periods of travel bans during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is, however, still a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and serious cuts need to be made very soon if climate goals like the Paris Agreement are to be reached.