TMX Global brings its supply chain metaverse to Asia

13 April 2023 3 min. read

International supply chain consultancy TMX Global has launched its TMX Metaverse in Asia at a launch event in Thailand.

First launched in Australia (where TMX Global is headquartered), the TMX Metaverse is an environment where clients can bring supply chain concepts to life through a range of digital technologies – including virtual and augmented technology and a metaverse platform.

TMX Metaverse can map the entire end-to-end supply chain network in a virtual environment, enabling enterprises to design their warehouse, plan for issues like component shortages, transport disruptions or unforeseen weather events, or simulate supply chain scenario’s in order to better understand their impacts.

TMX Global brings its supply chain metaverse to Asia

Using the TMX Metaverse, clients can ultimately create a more robust and resilient supply chain, said CEO of TMX Global, Travis Erridge, during a launch event at Bangkok’s True Digital Park.

“With the ability to visualize designs in the metaverse – on a real, human scale – businesses can improve decision-making and efficiency during the conceptualization process by up to 50% in some cases,” he said.

“Physical trips, for example, to evaluate warehouses can be dispensed with. This can be done in the metaverse. Instead businesses can focus on forward planning and rapid deployment of new supply chains.”

“The TMX Metaverse not only brings future floor plans and concepts to life, it breaks borders by allowing businesses to work collaboratively in real time throughout the design process, ensuring that the final outcome meets their supply chain needs.,” Erridge added.

From Australia to ASEAN

Following the inaugural launch in Australia, TMX Global has experienced first-hand how visualization and metaverse technology can help more effectively design supply chains.

With ASEAN’s growing economies facing ongoing supply chain disruptions, Erridge said that it was a natural time to bring the solution to the region. “ASEAN presents unique growth opportunities on all fronts, and TMX Global aims to play a key role in supporting this growth by strengthening the agility and resilience of the region’s supply chains,” he said.

The decision to launch in Thailand was made in line with the firm’s expansion roadmap. Alongside Australia and New Zealand, TMX Global has Asia-based offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, with a new hun in Thailand currently in the makes.

The company has designated its fresh Bangkok office as its centre of excellence for data and graphic design capabilities, with a focus on optimizing the metaverse for maximum usability and functionality.

“Thailand represents a key part of our Asia strategy as we recognise the market’s strong potential in the supply chain sector. Holding our Asia launch of TMX Metaverse in Thailand demonstrates our commitment to the market,” said Dean Jones, Managing Director for Asia at TMX Global. “We’re looking forward to set up the businesses in Thailand and make our mark.”

Recent research by Nexdigm shows that Thailand is considered by many as a growing strategic alternative for companies looking to relocate production bases from China and expand into Southeast Asia – mainly due to its cost competitiveness and the development of mega-projects in the supply chain space, such as the Eastern Economic Corridor.

Over the last few years, Thailand has experienced a robust growth in ecommerce, which has called for strong investments in warehouse and logistics facilities. The authorities have also rolled out a series of national schemes to transform Thailand into the region’s logistics hub to cover land, air, and maritime transport in ASEAN,” said Jones.

In the coming years, TMX Global has committed $40 million to expanding its business globally, including its presence in the ASEAN region. Last month the firm (which has around 200 staff) entered the European market.