Dalberg Advisors promotes Asia boss Gaurav Gupta to global leader

08 March 2023 Consultancy.asia 2 min. read
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International consulting firm Dalberg Advisors has appointed Gaurav Gupta to the role of Global Managing Partner. After 13 years as the firm’s Asia Director, Gupta is expected to focus on expanding Dalberg’s presence globally and cultivating strategic alliances that can further the group’s social agenda.

Dalberg Advisors is the management consulting business of US-headquartered professional services group Dalberg, which has around 30 offices worldwide.

Gupta has been with Dalberg Advisors since 2009, when he helped open the Mumbai office, the first in the Asia Pacific region. Since then, he served as a regional director and helped the team grow to over 180 staff in six offices.

Gaurav Gupta, Global Managing Partner, Dalberg Advisors

“Fantastic people attracted other fantastic people, and they attracted fantastic clients,” said Gupta in a LinkedIn post announcing his new role. “This is the simple formula that has seen us go from one person in a living room office to 180 people spread across Asia.”

In his consultancy work, Gupta (who lives between Singapore and Bombay) has helped a range of private sector and government clients with delivering sustainability goals and social initiatives, including satellite pollution tracking and an Indian government initiative to help install rooftop solar panels.

In addition to his advisory work, Gupta has established a number of social initiatives, such as an eco-tourism lodge in Australia, an organic cotton clothing company, an online travel website with a focus on sustainability, and an organic herbal tea brand.

Prior to joining Dalberg Advisors, Gupta was a Project Leader with Boston Consulting Group in Sydney and London. His undergraduate degree from Oxford University is in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and he completed a Yale postgraduate degree in Development Economics.

Founded in 2001, Dalberg sees itself as a socially conscious provider of consulting, investing, and design services aimed at making a positive difference in the world. The firm operates with seven brands: Dalberg Advisors, Dalberg Data Insights, Dalberg Design, Dalberg Implement, Dalberg Media, and Dalberg Research – and a not-for-profit, Dalberg Catalyst.

Some of the company’s major projects include investment in geothermal plants in Indonesia and wind energy projects in China, as well as consultancy services on energy sector reforms for the government of Montenegro.

The group, of Danish origins but now with offices around the world, features over 40% female leadership and places “diversity, equity and inclusion principles” at the core of the organisation, according to the website.

Although many of Dalberg’s companies are for-profit social ventures, the brand is held by a non-profit trust with a focus on sustainable and inclusive growth. A percentage of the profits made in their ventures is invested in the trust.