delaware merges with SIS Group and Applicate in Malaysia

06 March 2023 2 min. read

International digital transformation firm delaware has doubled down on its ambitions in Southeast Asia with a double acquisition in Malaysia.

Active in Malaysia since 2015, when the consulting firm opened for business in Kuala Lumpur, delaware helps clients in the country with an end-to-end offering in digital transformation, with a focus on IT consulting services and solutions on the Microsoft, SAP and OpenText technology platforms.

To meet growing demand for its services from Malaysian customers, and in line with its broader Asia Pacific growth strategy, delaware’s team in the country will merge with fellow Kuala Lumpur based SIS Group and Applicate.

delaware mergers with SIS Group and Applicate in Malaysia

“In our geographic expansion strategy, we prioritise international opportunities that sustain our entire business for the long-term,” said Eric Hiernaux, Managing Director of delaware International. “Malaysia is a key market for us in Asia Pacific. This merger also allows us to be even more competitive on a global level.”

SIS Group (in full: Solution Innovation Services) specialises in the design and implementation of SAP solutions, with a focus on the utilities sector. “SIS Group’s long-lasting SAP Industry Solution for Utilities expertise strengthens our SAP competencies,” explained Hiernaux.

Meanwhile, the bolt-on of Applicate will deepen the firm’s Microsoft capabilities in Malaysia. “This will help us grow our presence in the Microsoft BizApps segment,” said Hiernaux.

“Combined, delaware now has critical mass in the Malaysia market,” said David Sor, who joins from SIS Group and leads the enlarged business. Both SIS Group and Applicate will gradually integrate with delaware throughout 2023. Terms and conditions of the deal have not been disclosed.

The news comes hot on the heels of delaware kickstarting its year with four new offices worldwide: in Morocco, India, Ireland and Canada.

Globally the Belgium-headquartered group has over 4,600 professionals in 19 countries spread over Europe Africa, Asia, and the Americas.