Bain & Company launches executive program for female leaders

04 October 2021 3 min. read

Global management consulting firm Bain & Company has launched a new program for female managers, with the aim of helping them thrive in their path to senior management and executive roles. 

“Helping to develop the next generation of female leaders is an incredibly important priority for us as a firm and I’m so excited that we are launching this executive program to help a wider network of women gain the benefits of it professional training and learning,” said Jennie Tung, an Expert Partner at Bain.

The new initiative is part of Bain Academy, the firm’s training arm for clients and other key stakeholders. The wing has since its inception provided training to over 5,000 participants across all corners of the globe, and currently serves over 400 Bain clients. Its offerings span the learning spectrum – from single content modules or longer programs – and focuses on both technical as well as leadership and soft skills.

Bain Academy launches the Rising Women Leaders program

The ‘Rising Women Leaders’ program is a three-month program consisting of a blend of live virtual sessions and digital learning engagements, with all modules delivered by Bain & Company partners and consultants. “Our trainers are highly experienced practitioners who don’t simply teach the material but make sure teams know how to put what they’ve learned into action.” 

The program is currently being piloted in Asia (September to December 2021), with the aim of ramping up to other markets in due course. “Asia Pacific is an extremely exciting region for us and so we’re looking forward to pioneering our first women’s executive program here,” said Tung, who also is the Global Head of Bain Academy.

In support of the sharing of knowledge and experiences both during as well as after the program, Bain has setup a community of “rising women leaders in Asia” said Tung. “The purpose is to equip the next generation of rising women leaders with a toolkit and community for personal and professional growth.”

“It’s our hope that through our unique learning experience design of engaging and effective activities, we can truly build an encouraging and risk-taking environment for the female leaders of tomorrow, while at the same time helping to build strong bonds which will help us all grow together.” 

Closing the gap

The launch comes at a time when manager-level women in Asia struggle with breaking through the glass ceiling. According to ILOSTAT data, around 20 per cent of the managerial positions today are held by women – more than two decades ago, but nowhere near the level of frontrunning markets and the desired goal of gender parity. Moreover, progress in Asia Pacific is slow. 

In support of closing the gender gap in management ranks, Bain & Company conducts ongoing research into gender parity and women’s career advancement, and supports hundreds of companies with improving the path the women to the top. The firm also has an internal program (known as ‘Bain’s Global Women’s Leadership Council’) that spearheads initiatives aimed at achieving gender parity across its own leadership teams.