27Projects and TSA explore how tech can drive infrastructure delivery

04 September 2021 Consultancy.asia 2 min. read
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Asian consulting firm 27Projects is teaming up with Australian counterpart TSA to host an event on how smart technology can help improve the delivery of infrastructure projects.

Spending on infrastructure projects is expected to accelerate significantly over the next decade, as governments need to meet major trends including demographic shifts, the rise of the middle-class, growing urbanisation in emerging markets, and the need for mega asset replacement program in developed economies as existing asset reach the end of their lifecycle. 

As a result, estimates from Oxford Economics suggest that global infrastructure spending will reach $9 trillion by 2025, up from less than $5 trillion ten years previous. 

27Projects and TSA explore how tech can drive infrastructure delivery

One major infrastructure initiative currently in the works is the Level Crossing Removal Project, a multibillion-dollar programme by the Victorian State Government in Australia that aims to remove 85 of the most dangerous and congested at-grade road-rail level crossing sites across the Melbourne metropolitan region by 2025. Work on the programme commenced back in 2014 after the government committed to its goals. 

In addition, the programme is linked to more than A$20billion in expenditures on other rail network upgrades such as new train stations, track duplication and train stabling yards. 

In their joint ‘Rebuilding Humanity Forum’ on 9 September 2021, experts from 27Projects (the project management delivery arm of 27Group) and TSA (a private equity-backed Australian consultancy) will examine the Level Crossing Removal Project in detail and share several best practices and lessons learned from the program.

Dinesh Nambiar and Suresh Thambyiah (27Projects) and Ian Ward and Tariq Mahmood (TSA) will also walk participants through how modern technology can enable project management delivery across the full lifecycle, with a focus of project management tooling and digital twin technology. 

The online event takes place coming Thursday from 9.00am to 11.00am. See here for more details and to register.