KPMG brings its Apptio partnership into the Singapore market

10 May 2021 2 min. read

Global professional services firm KPMG has expanded its Apptio partnership into Singapore, with the aim of helping local organisations ramp up their control of IT spending.

The partnership will enable KPMG to help enterprises digitally transform their IT cost management process within an industry leading framework, known as technology business management (TBM). Apptio offers software that helps organisations analyse, optimise and plan their technology spend by digitising the complex paper-spreadsheet trail within the TBM framework.

“The role of the CIO has evolved to that of a strategic partner to the business, and managing costs is a key part of that role,” said Juvanus Tjandra, a partner at KPMG in Singapore. “Yet enterprises often lack oversight into the minutiae of IT spend, how it correlates to the services delivered, or how to derive value from IT services. Our partnership with Apptio will help more businesses make informed decisions and better optimise their technology investments.”

KPMG brings its Apptio partnership into the Singapore market

According to recent research from Apptio, CIOs now more than ever need enhanced insights into their organisation’s IT expenditure, in light of the year-on-year growth in technology spending. This trend is not expected to stop, with a McKinsey & Company report predicting that tech budgets will spiral in the coming years as organisations grapple to adapt to the new digital-first normal. 

KPMG’s expertise on cost flow management together with Apptio’s solutions will help enterprises to have oversight of, and better manage these IT costs. “Ensuring investments are defendable and fully aligned to business goals is crucial,” said Owen Gan, Regional Vice President of Southeast Asia at Apptio.

A global tandem

KPMG first partnered with Apptio in 2012, when the two companies signed a strategic alliance agreement in the United States. Since then, Apptio has seen stellar growth (now used by over half of Fortune 100 corporates) and KPMG has become one of the company’s leading consulting and implementation partners worldwide. 

After rolling out the alliance across its member firms in the UK, Australia, Germany and several others, the tandem has now landed in Singapore. 

In a proof-of-concept case study in the country, KPMG and Apptio helped a government-linked corporation digitise their highly complex and manual IT chargeback process. The enterprise has a business structure comprising over 20,000 global employees across 100 subsidiaries and associated companies in 24 countries. 

By configuring its existing systems, KPMG and Apptio were able to match how budgeted consumption, trend reporting, and variance analysis could be managed in a digital sense before overseeing the implementation of the digital system of chargeback management.