EY teams up with SAP and Qualtrics on coronavirus solutions for government

23 April 2020 Consultancy.asia 3 min. read
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In a collaboration between EY, SAP, and Qualtrics, a new set of customised solutions have been developed to aid governments in combatting the global coronavirus pandemic.

Professional services firm Ernst & Young has teamed up with SAP and its ‘experience data’ subsidiary Qualtrics to provide support tools for governments in their battle against the spread of COVID-19. With EY on implementation duties, the range of resources include tools to help governments pre-screen and route potential COVID-19 patients, support front-line healthcare workers, and manage the flow of information and resources to the public.

Designed to meet the urgent, immediate and critical needs of governments in the face of the growing pandemic, the comprehensive set of custom SAP and Qualtrics solutions are available in more than 90 countries worldwide, including across the Asia Pacific, and can be applied in eight different languages. The firms also note that Qualtrics technology is compliant with a number of international security and personal data protocols to ensure the highest levels of privacy.

Among the solutions are Qualtrics ‘COVID-19 Pre-Screening and Routing’, an online, guided pre-screening questionnaire through which people concerned about COVID-19 can enter their symptoms. The process then automatically routes them to appropriate online resources or advises them to contact their doctor, such that it provides instant access to relevant health and safety resources while also producing instant reports identifying any gaps in the information available.

EY teams up with SAP and Qualtrics on coronavirus solutions for government

Qualtrics ‘COVID-19 Dynamic Call Center Script’ meanwhile aids local governments who are setting up call centers (and often for the first time) to respond to the crisis. The solution directs callers to the correct resources based on their interests and questions in an effort to reduce call volume, and provide accurate, up-to-date information for citizens, and also produces automatic reports outlining caller trends, patterns, and again gaps in the information being requested.

With the support and monitoring of healthcare providers and their front-line healthcare workers within healthcare systems such as hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics being critical for governments in order to effectively manage their public health response, the ‘Qualtrics Healthcare Workforce Pulse’ solution is designed to capture feedback on the resources, safety, resilience, and communication needs of those treating patients with the disease.

Lastly, the ‘critical care protocol solution’ is a customised resource for governments and health ministries geared toward the early identification for critical care and high-risk patients, adapted around guidelines from the World Health Organisation and powered by a critical care protocol algorithm. The solution assists in early flagging of high-risk patients by sharing and analysing results in real time, allowing for the more precisely targeted allocation of critical care services.

“These solutions and services help governments quickly interact with their citizens at scale by providing a means of collecting and analysing data in real time,” the firms jointly stated. “This allows them to take immediate action amid an ever-changing situation and bring immense benefit to their citizens during the current crisis. We are proud to stand together to help governments use the power of experience management to navigate this difficult and unsettling situation.”