Impact of AI on consulting to be explored at upcoming conference

31 July 2019 4 min. read

An upcoming conference in India will examine the impact of artificial intelligence on the consulting industry – with FlexiOrg founder Ajay Sharma among the event organisers.

In recent years, expert analysts from the consulting industry have committed innumerable column inches to the current and future disruption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, which are predicted to sweep across every conceivable aspect of human life, including all facets of commerce and industry. Far less, however, has been written about the possible impact of AI on the consulting sector itself.

Taking place on the 10th of August in New Delhi and hosted by the Global Council for Development of Consulting Professionals – a platform which seeks to facilitate the development of the consulting industry and exchange of best practices – the ‘Artificial Intelligence in Consulting’ conference will bring together experts and industry stakeholders to examine the growing role of AI in the professional services realm.

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning are unquestionably innovations that are transforming our world and society,” stated conference advisor Ajay Sharma, an expert of the future of work and emerging technologies. “The technologies have already significantly disrupted several industries, including medicine, finance and marketing. Being a knowledge-based industry, the consulting industry will be largely impacted as well.”

Conference explores impact of artificial intelligence on consulting

Chief among the issues to be discussed during the full-day event is perhaps the most fundamental; to what extent will artificial intelligence add “timely, comprehensive, and cost-effective” insights to consulting work? Yet, the conference will also explore other burning questions for industry professionals, such as the possible impact of AI on the demand for advisory, and whether AI technology will alter the skill-sets required for future consulting?

As to the first question, like many leaders in the industry, Sharma believes the evolving technology can add value to existing consulting propositions. “Artificial intelligence enables consultants to handle massive amounts of data in a much more efficient and effective manner compared with an average human,” he forwards. “This allows them to bolster the insights they offer on engagements, adding value to their offering.”

This deeper reach could enhance insights in areas such as sales, operations, supply chain, and HR among many others.  Elsewhere, AI will allow consulting firms to take major strides in their own internal operations – in much the same way as at the clients they serve – such as through improvements in the accuracy of business development processes, better staffing and matching of resources, and the streamlining of project and administrative tasks.

Joining Sharma for the conference will be a number of confirmed speakers drawn from the tech and consulting domains, including Microsoft regional director Nishith Pathak, India’s first and only Artificial Intelligence Most Valuable Professional (AI MVP), Bharti Maan, a machine learning expert and Director for Business Transformation and Architectural Advisory at SAP, and PwC Government & Public Sector Consulting partner Pankaj Khurana.

Further to the panellists, the event will be attended by consulting partners, independent consultants, and professionals in charge of hiring. “The focus is to help established consultants grow, and help newcomers in the industry to acquire the latest tools and techniques required to become an effective consultant,” stated Sharma. “The cross-pollination of ideas between clients, consultants and technology experts provides an ideal fundament for discussions and learnings.”

Register here for the Artificial Intelligence in Consulting conference on August 10th.