Accenture opens intelligent operations centre in Fukuoka, Japan

29 January 2019 3 min. read

In line with the firm’s growth aspirations in Japan, global professional services provider Accenture has opened a new Intelligent Operations Centre in Fukuoka.

Fukuoka in Japan’s southern Kyushu island is the latest in Accenture’s connected global delivery network of more than 50 locations, with the professional services giant opening a new Intelligent Operations Center in the city. The move follows the opening of an innovation hub in Tokyo at the start of last year, and forms part of Accenture’s broader recent expansion in Japan with new facilities across the country.

The Fukuoka Intelligent Operations Center will offer clients access to the latest in digital solutions, including artificial intelligence, data analytics, and robotic process automation (RPA) technologies, as well as providing specific sector and business process expertise in areas such as accounting and finance, human resources, sales and marketing, and procurement – with a focus on helping to drive business innovation.

“Expanding in Fukuoka now gives clients more resources to address their need for automation and to improve the efficiency of their operations for superior business outcomes,” said Accenture Japan president and country managing director Atsushi Egawa, “Fukuoka’s innovative spirit and culture for open mindedness and new ideas makes it an ideal city for the new facility for the future of work.”Accenture opens intelligent operations centre in Fukuoka, JapanEgawa further noted Accenture’s 20 consecutive quarters of double-digit growth in the Japan, adding that the firm hopes its new Intelligent Operations Center, which will – “bring the best of Accenture’s global investments and insights to its clients on the ground in Japan, as well as providing advanced business processes from Fukuoka to the world” – will continue to accelerate the firm’s growth in the country.

In addition to the launch of its large-scale Innovation Hub in Tokyo, Accenture’s recent push in Japan over the past two years includes the expansions of its Center for Innovation in Fukushima and Hokkaido Delivery Center, as well as the expansion of its office in Kansai, while the new Fukuoka centre will join its Kumamoto Center (established in 2014) as one of two major locations in Kyushu providing business process services.

The Mayor of Fukuoka city, Soichiro Takashima said; “It is great news that Accenture, the global professional service company with many enterprise clients in Japan, opens an advanced operations center in Fukuoka. Working to attract advanced companies from all over Japan and other countries, Fukuoka welcomes the opening of Accenture’s new center to create jobs and to promote Fukuoka as an innovative city for Japan and the world.”

With a third of its population expected to be above the age of 65 by 2040, and approximately a quarter reaching the senior age demographic by just 2025, Accenture was in 2017 tapped by the city to help reimagine its current health and welfare policies and to establish the strategic plan for ‘Fukuoka 100 ~ Living Healthy for 100-Years’ – a set of innovative initiatives to support the health and long-term care of its aging citizenry.

While Accenture’s acquisition spree in recent years has been well-documented, including another burst of pick-ups in the past two months alone, the firm has also been busy expanding organically with the addition of innovation and delivery centres all over the globe. Some of the latest include an innovation hub announced for Shenzhen in China, a new security hub in the Scottish city of Edinburgh, and an innovation hub in Toronto, Canada, which will add 800 new jobs.