KPMG in Singapore unveils staff lounge with the latest in digital technologies

18 October 2018 4 min. read

KPMG in Singapore has unveiled its latest tech hub, the KPMG Clubhouse; a staff lounge decked out with the latest in digital technologies.

Originally launched in 2011 as a comfortable space for relaxation or catching up with colleagues and clients, the 5,000 square foot KPMG Clubhouse at City House in Downtown Singapore has undergone a make-over in celebration of the firm’s 77th anniversary in Singapore; kitted out with all the latest in digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and connected analytics.

The revamped Clubhouse was designed with the millennial set in mind as an ‘eco-system of the future’, with the aim of delivering an “employee experience that is human-centric, futuristic and compelling.” Tapping its own team of tech wizards for the fit-out, the four-month refurbishment includes the installment of a ceiling mirage, a range of virtual reality games, and FRED.

Short for ‘Friendly Relatable Engaging Device’, FRED, both the gatekeeper and centerpiece of the Clubhouse, is an AI-powered concierge housed in a 4.3 metre floor-to-ceiling towering light-emitting diode screen. Equipped with facial recognition technology, FRED allows for card-free secure entry before welcoming visitors with the offer of a favourite beverage and fetching them the daily headlines.

The use of artificial intelligence also grants a greater flexibility of space, with the option to create different moods and ambience depending on the occasion, and the design for flexibility further extends to the collaboration and meeting areas, such as the Event Zone, which features a ceiling mirage that can ‘project the galaxy, the Amazon forest or a swirling blob of colours all at the touch of a button.”

KPMG in Singapore unveils staff lounge with the latest in digital technologies
But perhaps of greatest interest for staff is the retrofitted bar and wider array of food and drinks on offer – with items from the kiosk tagged with radio frequency identification (RFID) to allow for speedier self-checkout payments. KPMG will also soon roll out a Clubhouse rewards app for the ordering and purchase of food, with the app connected to FRED and then he/she being able to offer personalised dining suggestions on sight.

Supervisors will further be able to use the peer-to-peer app to grant rewards to staff in real time through connected analytics, with staff then able to redeem points for Clubhouse food or drinks. Successfully complete an assignment, receive a digital pat on the back from the boss, and head to the bar for a well-deserved celebratory drink purchased with bonus points – all in the matter of a few simple steps.

And if the bar isn’t their thing, KPMG staff will be able to unwind in the new Fun Zone, stocked with a range of virtual reality games and activities and a trusty foosball table. The area also features four collaboration rooms with seamless connectivity, two of which include PlayStation 4 consoles – offering staff the opportunity to “chill and work at the same time.”

“Our employees are the key focus of the revamped Clubhouse, said KPMG in Singapore Managing Partner Ong Pang Thye. “The KPMG Clubhouse was refurbished to meet the diverse needs of our people who want a place where they can work, mingle and relax at the same time. It is symbolic of the firm’s vision to create a showcase of the latest technologies and innovation to bring an ‘eco-system of the future’ to life.”

Ong Pang Thye added that the Clubhouse update further signifies the firm’s commitment to the well-being of its staff – with its re-launch coinciding with the latest employee engagement report from human capital firm Mercer which charts the continued ongoing decline in levels of Singaporean employment satisfaction. KPMG however has managed to buck this trend, with the firm recently voted as one of the top-five most attractive employers worldwide - while placing sixth and at the front of the consulting pack in Singapore.