Summer Intern, Investment Banking - Capital Advisors, Hong Kong 

Hong Kong
This job is no longer available
Company Background

FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN) is a global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organisations protect and enhance enterprise value in an increasingly complex legal, regulatory and economic environment. With more than 6,950 employees located in 30 countries, FTI Consulting professionals work closely with clients to anticipate, illuminate and overcome complex business challenges in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, investigations, litigation, regulatory issues, reputation management, strategic communications and restructuring. The Corporate Finance and Restructuring segment consists of over 1,700 professionals located in 64 global offices.

In Asia, FTI Consulting has a team of more than 500 professionals situated in 12 business centres across the region. We deliver solutions through our market-leading business practices of Corporate Finance & Restructuring, Economic Consulting, Forensic & Litigation Consulting, Strategic Communications and Technology.

Practice Summary

Corporate Finance and Restructuring is a dominant industry leader in Asia, especially in restructuring (in-court and out-of-court), independent financial advisory, corporate liquidations and receiverships. The Corporate Finance and Restructuring segment of FTI Consulting provides complete support in turnaround and restructuring, transaction advisory services and corporate recovery.

The practice has a reputation for taking on challenging and complex assignments that require exceptional strategic and technical capabilities. We are a trusted partner to companies, boards of directors, investors, lenders and creditors around the world; our professionals address the full spectrum of financial, operational and transactional risks ad opportunities across diverse industries.

FTI Capital Advisors ("FTICA"), is a dedicated global investment banking subsidiary of FTI Consulting, focused on capital raising, mergers & acquisitions, structured solutions and strategic advisory services. FTICA has 12 global offices with close to 100 professional and was established to advise our clients through complex transactional challenges by combining years of capital markets expertise, leveraging FTI's deep industry practices and employing a "hands-on" approach. FTICA Hong Kong is committed to provide a one-stop shop service to our global clients across key industries segments (e.g. Real Estate, TMT/Fintech, ESG, Healthcare and Infrastructure, etc.).

Investment Banking Intern

Seeking a hardworking and high-caliber undergraduate or recent graduate passionate about investment banking, especially in Real Estate, Fintech, ESG and other industries. You will have opportunity to work with seasoned top-tier bulge brackets professionals on cross-border M&A and financing related restructuring and consultancy projects.

Key Responsibilities and Duties
  • Conduct industry/company research and prepare client pitching materials (including, PowerPoint presentations, teasers, and translation)
  • Coordinate with various global counterparts throughout the deal origination and execution process (including, liaise on engagement letters and lead internal clearance processes, etc.)
  • Support restructuring ancillary investment banking origination initiatives (including, financial modeling, draft reports, review and analyze financial data and information, etc.)
  • Arrange client meetings, maintain client files/books and record and take meeting minutes
  • Other ad-hoc duties and support general corporate finance administrative functions as required.
Key Qualifications and Skills

  • Student in penultimate year, final year majoring in Finance, Mathematics, Accounting or Business related discipline;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with fluent in Mandarin and English;
  • Strong MS Office presentation, language and analytical skills;
  • Experience in financial modeling and/or other financial applications is a plus
  • Have the right to work in Hong Kong


FTI Consulting(NYSE: FCN)是一家全球商业咨询公司,致力于帮助企业在日益复杂的法律,监管和经济环境中保护并提升企业价值FTI咨询公司于30个国家拥有6950多名员工,其专业人员与客户密切合作,预测,阐明并解决并购,调查,诉讼,监管问题,声誉管理,战略沟通和重组等领域的复杂商业挑战企业融资和重组部门由分布在全球64个办事处的1,700多名专业人员组成

在亚洲,FTI Consulting拥有一支由500多名专业人士组成的团队,分布12个业务中心我们通过市场领先的企业融资与重组,经济咨询,法证与诉讼咨询,战略沟通和技术等业务提供解决方案


企业融资与重组部是在亚洲占主导地位的行业领导者,特别是在企业重组(法庭内和法庭外),独立财务咨询,企业清算和接管方面FTI Consulting的企业融资和重组部门在周转和重组,交易咨询服务和企业恢复方面为客户提供全面支持


FTI Capital Advisors("FTICA")是FTI咨询公司旗下之全球投资银行子公司,专注于资本筹集,合并与收购,结构化解决方案和战略咨询服务FTICA于全球共设有12个办事处,拥有近100名专业人员,其成立的目的是通过结合多年的资本市场专业知识并利用FTI深厚的行业实践经验,采用 "亲身实践 "的方式,帮助我们的客户应对复杂的交易挑战FTICA香港致力于为我们的全球客户提供主要行业(如房地产,TMT/金融科技,ESG,医疗保健和基础设施等)的一站式服务


正招聘一名勤奋和高水平的本科生或应届毕业生,并需对投资银行业务充满热情,特别是在房地产,金融科技,ESG和工业类行业 你将与并曾就职于全球领先大型投行的专业人士一同参与涉及整个财务和商业周期的并购和融资咨询类项目

  • 进行行业或公司研究,编写客户营销材料(包括PowerPoint演示文稿,顶目简介及翻译工作)
  • 于整个交易发起和执行过程与全球各方进行协调和对接(包括就委任书进行沟通,协调内部流程等)
  • 支持与重组及相关的投行业务(包括财务建模,草拟报告,审查和分析财务数据及信息等)
  • 安排客户会议,维持客户档案/簿册,记录和撰写会议记录
  • 其他临时职责,并根据需要支持公司其他与企业融资相关的行政工作

  • 金融,数学,会计或商业相关学科的学生
  • 优秀的口头和书面沟通能力,能流利地使用普通话和英语
    • 具高程度的MS Office演示编辑,语言和分析能力
    • 有经验编制财务建模和其他金融应用系统者优先考虑
    • 拥有在香港工作的权利

Job information

Firm: FTI Consulting

Location: Hong Kong