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Position Summary

This Senior Consultant position is a part of FTI Consulting's Technology team. As part of the Shanghai-based team, the Consultant will be cross-trained in various e-discovery skills and assist in all phases of e-discovery projects.

Company Background 公司背景

FTI Consulting, Inc 是一家全球商业咨询公司,致力于帮助企业在日益复杂的法律,监管和经济环境中保护和提升企业价值。 FTI 咨询专业人员在 30 个国家 / 地区拥有超过 6,950 多名员工,与客户密切合作,预测,阐明和克服调查,诉讼,并购,监管问题,声誉管理,战略沟通和重组等领域的复杂业务挑战。

在亚洲, FTI Consulting拥有一支由400多名专业人士组成的团队,分布在该地区的10个不同的商业中心。我们就财务金融,风险,治理,绩效,声誉,数据,合规等方面的问题提供建议。我们通过企业融资/重组,经济咨询,法务和诉讼咨询,战略沟通和技术等市场领先的业务实践提供解决方案。

The Role 职位简介

FTI 在亚洲迅速发展的同时,我们希望聘请更多高质量人才加入我们上海团队。该consultant职位是FTI Consulting 法律科技团队的一部分。作为上海团队的一员,将接受各种电子鉴证技术方面的交叉培训,并将各个阶段协助我们项目。你还将与我们位于香港,新加坡和东京团队密切合作。

Key Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of this position is related to data processing, loading, converting, quality assurance, tracking, and management of client data.
  • Assume responsibility for day-to-day data processing, conversion, analysis, quality control, import, and other specialized tasks, including interaction with other consultants, supervisors, and client personnel.
  • Coordinate closely with colleagues within and across teams to manage the delivery of client requirements.
  • Manage any project related queries and issues and provide solutions/workarounds
  • Liaise and communicate daily with other teams and manage expectations on client requests.
  • Customer service-oriented to meet client deadlines, including working out of business hours when necessary.
  • Conduct internal training sessions for consultants.
  • Actively involved in providing product enhancement feedback and coordinating the deployment of tools and processes to the broader APAC team.
  • Coordinate closely with colleagues within and across teams to manage the delivery of client requirements.


您的主要职责是成为跨职能团队的一员,该团队负责管理电子鉴证取证,包括并不限于针对目标电子设备进行鉴证备份,建立鉴证备份复制本并迁移,以供处理,分析,转换,质量以及数据跟踪和管理 。 您将用到数据库相关以及统计工具,分析数据并找出可以使用行为(如骤然大量删除资料,隐藏数据,以及设备使用率分析等)。

  • 与客户以及项目经理经常交流,管理客户期望,保持沟通无碍。
  • 在境内外执行电子取证, 并使用多种软件提取及分析数据。
  • 承担日常数据处理、转换、分析、质量控制、导入导出和其他相关数据处理,包括与团队的其他顾问、主管以及客户人员之间的合作。
  • 与团队内部和团队之间的同事密切协调,以管理客户需求的交付。
  • 根据需求出差,以确保有效跟进并管理项目。

Key Requirements

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Degree in a technology-focused subject such as engineering, mathematics, computer science, forensic computing or information systems, or equivalent experience in professional service firms.
  • Self-developer that demonstrates an ability to bring more creativity and innovation to help solve complex challenges.
  • Demonstrated ability to balance multiple projects and workloads, communicate effectively and provide prompt services and solutions in high-stakes accounting and business projects.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Professional demeanor and strong communications skills in both written and oral English.
  • Willing to travel, up to 50% may be required to provide service to clients on-site.

Preferred Skills:
  • Experience of working in an e-Discovery or technology-related role.
  • Solid understanding of e-discovery processes and tools, and systems.
  • Hands-on technical experience analyzing structured and unstructured data with competency in a variety of analytics tools, programming languages, and platforms, including but not limited to: Microsoft SQL Server, Predictive Analytics (e.g., Python, SPSS, SAS), Data Visualization Tools (e.g., QlikView, Tableau, Power Bi), Big Data Tools (e.g., Hadoop, Hive), Elasticsearch, Languages (e.g., SQL, Java, C#, C , VBA, HTML).
  • Experience with data preservation and analysis software such as Encase , Nuix, Axiom, Cellebrite, Oxygen, etc.
  • Experience in fraud investigations, lawsuits, and other related cases.

  • 拥有工程、数学、计算机科学、法证、信息系统等以技术专业为核心的学位,或在相关咨询公司有一定的工作经验。
  • 具有独立思考的能力,并在日常工作中能够自主地从不同角度分析与解决各类复杂问题。
  • 有能力平衡多个客户项目和工作量,能够在多重任务环境中独立工作并知道如何优先处理任务。有效沟通并迅速提供涉及会计和商业项目的服务和解决方案。
  • 熟练掌握 MS Excel、Word和PowerPoint。
  • 以专业的工作态度与团队及客户进行良好的内外部沟通。
  • 较好的英语书面表达和口语交流能力。
  • 愿意出差(可能达 50%)。

    • 具备电子鉴证,取证调查分析等经验, 对电子取证流程和工具及系统有扎实的了解。
    • 拥有分析结构化和非结构化数据的实际技术经验,能够熟练掌握各种分析工具、编程语言和平台,例如, Microsoft SQL Server,数据预测分析工具(如Python,SPSS,SAS),数据可视化工具(如QlikView,Tableau,Power Bi),大数据工具(如Hadoop,Hive),Elasticsearch,编程语言(如SQL,Java,C#,C ,VBA,HTML)等。
    • 使用 eDiscovery 数据审阅平台(Nuix Discover / Relativity)以及数据提取与分析软件( 如 Encase , Nuix , Axiom , Cellebrite , Oxygen 等 )经验。
    • 参与舞弊调查,法律诉讼等案件经验

#LI-KZ1 Our Benefits

Apart from the well-structured career path and collaborative team environment, our employees enjoy a variety of perks and benefits. Our benefits include, but are not limited to:
  • Competitive remuneration package
  • Comprehensive leave policy
  • Health care benefits, including dependents
  • Education subsidy with study and examination leaves
  • Annual paid volunteer hours
  • Corporate matching for corporate charitable event donations

  • 弹性上下班时间
  • 优于劳动法的休假制度 - 20天年假加法定假日:员工到职即享有休假
  • 免费健康体检,补充医疗保险
  • 额外生日假
  • 公司匹配慈善企业或慈善活动捐款
  • 我们是一个机会均等的雇主,欢迎所有合格人士提出申请,不论其种族,性别,残疾,宗教 / 信仰,性取向或年龄。

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