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Company Background 公司 介绍

FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN, market capitalization of approx..US$5 billion) is a global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organisations protect and enhance enterprise value in an increasingly complex legal, regulatory and economic environment. With more than 6,700 employees located in 30 countries, FTI Consulting professionals work closely with clients to anticipate, illuminate and overcome complex business challenges in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, investigations, litigation, regulatory issues, reputation management, strategic communications and restructuring. The Corporate Finance and Restructuring segment consists of over 1,630 professionals located in 56 global offices.

In Asia, FTI Consulting has a team of more than 500 professionals situated in 12 business centres across the region. We deliver solutions through our market-leading business practices of Corporate Finance & Restructuring, Economic Consulting, Forensic & Litigation Consulting, Strategic Communications and Technology.

Practice Summary 部门介绍

In Asia, the Corporate Finance and Restructuring segment is a dominant and a reputable top industry leader in areas such as restructurings (both formal and informal), Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) appointments, corporate liquidations and receiverships. As a trusted partner to companies, boards of directors, investors, lenders and creditors around the world, our professionals address the full spectrum of financial, operational and transactional risks a n d opportunities across diverse industries.

FTI 企业融资和重组部门是亚洲(正式 / 非正式)重组、独立财务顾问 (IFA) 任命、公司清算和接管等领域的知名行业领导者,也占据市场主导地位。作为全球公司、董事会、投资者、贷方和债权人值得信赖的合作伙伴,我们的专业人士能够妥善应对不同行业的各种金融、运营和交易风险和机会。

By leveraging on FTI Capital Advisors ("FTICA"), the dedicated global investment banking subsidiary of FTI Consulting, focused on capital raising, mergers & acquisitions, structured solutions and strategic advisory services. FTICA has 12 globally offices with close to 100 professional and was established to advise our clients through complex transactional challenges by combining years of capital markets expertise, leveraging FTI's deep industry practices and employing a "hands-on" approach. FTICA Hong Kong is committed to provide a one-stop shop service to our global clients across key industries segments (e.g. Real Estate, TMT/Fintech, ESG, Healthcare and Infrastructure, etc.).

FTI 资本顾问公司 ("FTICA") 作为 FTI 咨询旗下的投行子公司,专门为客户提供集资、并购、结构化解决方案以及战略咨询等服务。 FTI 资本顾问公司在全球设有 12 个办事处,拥有近 100 名专业人员,通过结合多年的资本市场专业知识,利用 FTI 深厚的行业实践经验,为客户保驾护航。 FTI 资本顾问公司(香港)致力于为全球不同行业的客户提供一站式服务(例如:房地产、科技、媒体及电信、新能源 /ESG 、医疗和基础设施行业等)。

Work with FTI Capital Advisors for support on:
  • Capital Markets Financing and Advisory
  • Private Placements of Debt or Equity products
  • M&A Buy/Sell Side Advisory
  • Distressed M&A and Capital Raising Advisory
  • Credit Ratings, Strategic Alternatives and Capital Structure Advisory
  • Debt Restructuring and Liabilities Management

Key Industries Focus:
  • Real Estate
  • Techology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT)
  • Fintech
  • ESG / General Industrials
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure

  • 资本市场融资和咨询;
  • 债务或股权产品的私募配售;
  • 并购(买方 / 卖方)咨询;
  • 不良资产并购和融资咨询;
  • 信用评级、战略选择和资本结构咨询;以及
  • 债务重组与管理

主要行业 :
  • 房地产行业;
  • 科技、媒体及电信行业;
  • 金融科技;
  • 新能源行业(环境、社会与管治 ESG )
  • 基础建设行业;以及
  • 健康医疗行业

Key Responsibilities 工作职责
  • Core member to build the Asia Capital Advisory business, strengthen clients and distribution network.
  • 作为核心成员搭建亚洲资本咨询业务,巩固、强化客户及分销网络。
  • Lead the deal origination effort, including capital financing and cross-border M&A buyside and sell-side advisory transactions and conduct business and financial analysis, etc.
  • 主导项目营销相关工作,包括发起资本筹集和并购的买卖各方的咨询业务、起草项目建议书、进行行业和财务分析等;
  • Strengthen the deal execution capabilities, including clients onboarding and other internal process, liaise with internal and external parties to ensure a smooth execution process, conduct industry risk analysis, due diligence, document preparation, design issuance structure and terms and build financial / credit models, etc.
  • 牵头项目执行工作,包括客户背景审查、与内外部各方 审批部门协调 确保项目顺利完成、进行行业风险分析、尽职调查、文件准备、设计发行结构和条款、建立财务模型等;
  • Provide coaching and development to project teams.
  • 为项目成员提供定期培训;
  • Contribute to management of the Corporate Finance and Restructuring practice through active involvement in practice development activities and develop professional network.
  • 积极参与部门管理,参与财务咨询及企业重组部门的业务拓展工作;
  • Build relationships internally across different segments to cross sell services to clients.
  • 跟内部各板块建立良好关系,并为客户提供全方位的专业服务,提升交叉销售;以及
  • Maintain professional image within the firm and project the same to those outside the firm.
  • 维持专业形象。

Key Requirements 核心要求
  • 15 years of solid professional experience in investment banking, M&A, DCM or restructuring
  • 15 年以上在投行、并购、债券资本市场或企业重组行业方面的专业经验;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Chinese and English.
  • 优秀的中英文口语和书写能力
  • Proven track record in del i vering products P&L in investment banks or advisory firms
  • 曾在投行或咨询公司 实现 财务指标的 良好往绩记录
  • Excellent clients network and strong problem-solving, analytical, and deal execution skills.
  • 拥有优质的客户网络、较强的分析解决问题的能力以及交易执行能力;
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to handle and analyse complex transactions.
  • 高度关注细节,以及对于复杂交易的处理和分析能力
  • Committed, strong work ethic and integrity and high level of professionalism.
  • 具有良好的职业道德以及高度的专业素养;
  • Experience client management and ability to manage teams and projects under fast-paced and multi-task environment.
  • 拥有 多年 客户、团队和项目管理的能力和经验,擅长在快节奏的工作环境下工作。
  • Degree in well-recognized universiities (major in Finance, BBA or related disciplines is preferred).
  • 知名大学学位(金融、工商管理学或相关学科专业优先)
  • Willingness to frequently travel (or based) in China is an absolute advantage.
  • 优先考虑愿意到中国出差 / 常驻内地的人选
  • Fluent in English and Mandarin, Cantonese is a plus.
  • 拥有流利的普通话和英语,粤语是加分项;以及
  • SFC Type 4 and 6 Rep License holder is preferred, Responsible Officier is a plus
  • 香港证监会 4 类及 6 类牌照持牌人士,持牌负责人是加分项

#LI-MN1Our Benefits

Apart from the well-structured career path and collaborative team environment, our employees enjoy a variety of perks and benefits. Our benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Competitive remuneration package
  • Comprehensive leave policy
  • Health care benefits including dependents
  • Education subsidy with study and examination leaves
  • Annual paid volunteer hours
  • Corporate matching for corporate charitable event donations


除了良好的职业发展和团结协作的环境外,我们的员工还享受各种津贴和福利。我们的福利包括但不限于 :
  • 提供有竞争力的薪酬待遇;
  • 完善的休假制度;
  • 包括家属在内的医疗保健福利;
  • 教育资助,包括学习和考试假期;
  • 提供年度有偿志愿者小时数;以及
  • 企业慈善活动捐赠

About FTI Consulting

What makes us unique? With more than 6,250 employees located in offices in every corner of the globe, we are the firm our clients call when their most important issues are at stake. Regardless of what level you are, you will have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from top experts in your field on high-profile engagements that impact history. Our culture is collaborative, and we value diversity, recognition, development and making a difference in our communities.

FTI Consulting is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and has been recognized as a Best Firm to Work For by Consulting magazine and one of America's Best Management Consulting Firms by Forbes . For more information, visit and connect with us on Twitter ( @FTIConsulting ), Facebook and LinkedIn .

FTI Consulting is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, protected veteran status, religion, physical or mental disability, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, or any other basis protected by law, ordinance, or regulation.

关于 FTI Consulting:

是什么让我们与众不同?我们在全球各地拥有 6,250 多名员工,在客户面临难题的紧要关头,他们都第一时间向我们寻求帮助。无论您身处行业内的任何职位,您将有机会与您所在领域内的顶级专业人员一起参与备受关注的项目,并在工作中向他们学习。我们的企业文化是团结协作,我们重视多样性发展,认可并支持我们的员工在社会中发挥影响。

FTI Consulting 是一间在纽约证券交易所上市的公司,被《 Consulting Magazine 》评选为最佳雇主之一,还被《 Forbes 》评选为美国最佳管理咨询公司之一。了解更多信息请浏览 或者通过以下方式联络我们 Twitter ( @FTIConsulting ) , Facebook and LinkedIn .

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