RGP helps companies solve a range of business problems, from the immediate - reducing cost and improving efficiency - to larger scale, enterprise-wide, transformational initiatives. We work across a multitude of requirements, both simple and complex. When the need is relatively simple, we provide expertise to solve it; when the need is more complex, we help with methodology, programme management, monitoring and control, right through to a successful outcome.

We offer this unique capability whilst maintaining our service values:

  • Highly qualified Consultants with practical knowledge and experience. Our Consultants average 18 years of relevant experience; we do not work with 'pyramids of juniors'.

  • Rapid response. We mobilise to meet client needs.

  • Flexible approach. We partner, advise and help implement the best solution to the business problem; the client maintains control over the initiative.

  • Value-driven cost model. We offer excellent service and value for money.

From more than 70 offices in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America, RGP serves 1,800 clients in 70 countries.

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