Resory is a leading market research and expert services consulting firm based in Japan. Founded in 2015 (formerly known as GS Partners), we provide businesses with the fact-based research that drives their strategic and operational decision-making.

Alongside our own market research services, we provide access to an expert network of 10,000 experts worldwide focused in Asia. Our pool of experts are all manager-up with experience working at a leading company in their respective industry. Leveraging their insights, we are able to support research in a wide diversity of markets.

Our Four Services

1. Expert Report
Report with an interview with an expert. Quickly learn about the on-site business environment in local markets.
This service provides a 60-minute interview done by us with an expert from your designated benchmarked company. The results of the interview are organized and summarized into an easy-to-understand report.Resory uses its own network to select experts, so the process is quick and easy. You can choose the expert whom best meets your needs from the several candidates recommended to you by us.The interview items are decided by you with our support in the process. This service offers pin-point information at a reasonable cost. Because the interview is conducted by a third party, your anonymity is guaranteed. This service is ideal to gain new market insights, assess the on-site environment in a country, learn about current conditions in a market, and corroborate the information from your own in-house market research. The turnaround time from the completion of the interview to the delivery of the report can be as little as 3 days. The report will provide you with key information to help you shape your company’s strategy.

2. Expert Survey
Survey the “genuine knowledge” from multiple experts in the field.
This service is designed specifically to understand local markets, especially the Chinese market. We conduct a survey with multiple local experts about their perceptions of new products and services in development or soon-to-be launched. We share the profiles of several experts in advance, and subsequently, you can select the five most suitable experts for the survey. Since a survey gives us access to the “genuine knowledge” from multiple experts, we can analyze the market from multiple angles before you launch a new product to the market. The survey is in the form of a questionnaire with a total of 10 questions. This allows you to pinpoint the information you want to understand, whether it is general market trends or the specific impressions that experts have about your products and services. At the end of the survey, in addition to access to the raw data obtained during the study, you will also receive a visual presentation that summarizes the result in an easy-to-understand format.

3. Market Research
Comprehensive market research that best utilizes interviews with experts to gain crucial in-depth information.
This service gives you access to both quantitative and qualitative information from a multi-dimensional analysis of a market. We research local markets from both a macro and micro perspective. Starting with desktop research, we conduct macro research to get a broad picture of the market and the on-site situation in the local language. Afterwards, we delve even deeper, by conducting micro research through interviewing a selection of local experts chosen from our Expert Network. This valuable primary information, only accessible to experts with hands-on experience, is what allows us to support our clients to grow their business. By combining desk research and expert interviews, we are able to gain a multi-dimensional understanding of the local market and simultaneously test our client’s hypothesis or “business intuition”. Since market research is conducted over an extended period, often 1 month or more, we give our clients regular progress updates that allow us to tweak our methods and do prompt course correction when needed. This provides us, no matter the course taken, to reach the best conclusions our clients are looking for.

4. Expert Interview
Get access to insights and business hints by talking directly with local experts.
This service allows our clients to obtain first-hand local information in local markets and solve problems by talking directly with the experts within our network. The conversation with the expert takes the form of a 60-minute online interview. Expert candidates for the interview are selected from Resory's Expert Network and are thoroughly screened. The best feature of this service is that you can talk directly with an expert from a benchmarked company designated by you. Of course, the interview can be conducted anonymously, and interpreters can be arranged as an option. This service is ideal for occasions in which you want to quickly obtain local information or industry information at a low cost.