Key to Way | Careers

Consultants who have the ability to share talents with colleagues and create outstanding results by working with the client and the company

Digital Strategy

  • Professionals who approach social issues and business challenges with strong passion and perseverance
  • Professionals who do not insist on their own opinions, exchange ideas with their peers, and have a flexible mindset that solves problems from the client's perspective by utilizing all of our global networks and experienced ecosystems.

Process Digitalization

  • Professionals who don't simply focus on services that present analytical results and alternatives, focus on the results that are carried out with the field, and create new consulting value of discussing and collaborating with clients until the alternative is embodied. Professionals who understand that this value is the driving force to keep the team and the company.

Digital PMO

  • Professionals who recognize that the problem-solving competency is a fundamental for all consultants, who can positively communicate and solve the numerous problems that arise in the process of client discovery, face-to-face conversation, and discussion, based on a comprehensive understanding of the situation