Key to Way

Key to Way is a group of management experts united by the belief that customer value creation is more important than simple advisory service. Key to Way intends to lead a new wave of corporate consulting via communication with clients beyond management strategy. Key to Way seeks to collaboratively realize and execute solutions in perspectives of long-term value creation and embedded competence.

Who we are

Seniority with insight
The problems faced by corporations these days are multidimensional and multidisciplinary, and, for such a reason, there exists a certain limit in solving these solely with a creativity-based out-of-the-box approach.  More than 60% of Key to Way assets have 10+ years of consulting experience from Global Top Tier Consulting Firms. Such collection of excellent minds not only presents creative insights but also provides advisory service with expertise and experience. 

Cross-Functional Specialty
The Key To Way consists of talented individuals with cross-functional specializations such as M & A, Operational Excellence, Turnaround Management based upon various industry and project experiences. This provides an overall review of the company's advisory process and ideal solutions for any contingency. 

Professionalism with integrity
Key To Way values its task with responsibility and passion for customer value creation. In order to fulfill its mission, Key To Way has established it’s own internal ethical principles and implement them at all times.

  • Key To Way stands by honesty and righteousness.
  • Key To Way abides by its responsibility and passion for customer value creation and growth.
  • Key To Way works as a family with joyfulness. 

Our Approach

Cross Functional Approach
In order to successfully perform the project, Key To Way believes that an overall approach to cross functions throughout the enterprise is essential as well as analysis on given tasks and situations. Through the process, Key To Way provides solutions that meet actual needs from multi-perspectives and adjust in advance potential conflicts of understanding that can occur during execution. In the meanwhile, Key To Way also provides consultations through Cross Functional Approach on solutions that are not recognized by clients, regardless of the scope of the project, to support mid- to long-term growth and value creation. 

Collaborative Approach
Key To Way insists that working with clients a team in the course of project creates additional values. Through the process, Key To Way is able to accurately grasp the issues of clients and ensure the viability of alternatives, strengthening competencies and internalizing them. 

Post-Project Support
Key To Way believes that a successful project isn't determined by the derived solutions but their applications. Key To Way officially provides a 12-month advisory service on execution followed by project expiration.

  • Communication support such as staff briefing sessions if needed
  • Provides phase-by-phase training and advisory services to enhance practitioner capacity and support execution
  • Supports on management issues that range beyond the scope of the project within the period 

Service Areas

  • Complexity Management: Establish an all-around way to transform management to gain profitability through elimination by economics of scale
  • Design Thinking Lab: Creativity based business product · service development & enhancement programs via collective intelligence of executives and employees in the enterprise with a high focus on customers
  • Digital Strategy: Establish strategies to change the way new and existing businesses are conducted using AI, IoT, Cloud, Big data, Mobile and etc.
  • Globalization in Asia for SME: Support medium small enterprises to secure market entry strategies and sales channels to enter Asian markets such as China, Southeast Asia and India
  • M&A: Establish Turnaround measures and support mergers, acquisitions, negotiations, implementation, division, transfer, private equity investment and etc.
  • Platform Business Strategy: Establish strategies and fundamental elements for developing new business or transforming existing business in the platform industry
  • Public Services: Consultation on the establishment and implementation of government policies on the 4th Industrial Revolution and etc.
  • Smart Factory: Concept development for automated processes, related facilities/equipment, solutions and others to ensure manufacturing competitiveness
  • Steering Lab: Design and analyze data models to support Big Date-driven optimal decision making
  • Technology Consulting: Support companies with R&D planning & implementation to respond to government policies and industry changes
  • Managed Service for SME: Act on strategic planning/ purchasing/ financing/ HR legal advice to improve competitiveness of medium small enterprises
  • Operational Excellence (Improvement): Establish measures to improve based upon diagnosis on corporate strategies, processes, organizations, infrastructure and others for higher profitability
  • High Reliability Organization (HRO): Establish a strategic risk management system to create an organization (enterprise, government and various agencies) that consistently generates high performance enduring an extremely low frequency of casualties under a complex environment of high risk