Curzon & Company | Careers

Joining Curzon & Company means working with a close knit group of professionals in high visibility roles. 

Within the constraints of being a fast-growing boutique consultancy, we aim to assign our consultants to projects where they can learn, develop and further their careers. We work extremely hard to create positive change in people’s lives.

We support a balanced approach to consulting; however, there are times when work commitments mean that it is “all hands on deck”. Consulting projects often mean time away from home and as part of our approach to project life, we are realistic in its constraints and application.

And, of course, when consultants need a hand, shoulder or simply a listening ear there is always someone to turn to within the Curzon & Company family, be it a mentor, a project manager, or a colleague.

The Opportunity and Compensation
Curzon & Company’s future lies in the hands of our people, so we aim to create the best environment for people to succeed. This means focusing on selling the right type of projects, delivering exceptional results and investing in our people.

By developing our people today we are building the future leaders of our business. At the very least, however, we aim to ensure that everyone who encounters Curzon & Company has an extremely positive experience. While we pay top quartile total compensation, consultants at all levels join our team because they want to help build and be part of one of the best consulting firms of our times. If you share our ambition, drives and enthusiasm for making a difference then Curzon & Company is the company for you.

Learning and Development
Because we believe that the best people working together create the best results, we will always strive to provide many ways to develop, grow and advance through formal and on-the-job learning opportunities.
We want you to be successful because that’s good for you, our clients and our company.
Development starts on day one with an extensive core skills on- boarding session to ensure that everyone has the correct set of tools and understands the Curzon & Company way of doing things. We can safely say that learning never stops.

Career Framework
We have a career framework which helps consultants manage their career and personal development. Consultants are actively encouraged to develop new skills and take on increased responsibility as part of their personal development. 

Our competency model provides us with guidelines for core and functional competencies and we use this as part of our personal development review process. However, we are realistic and flexible in its application.
Reviews are held bi-annually when the management team takes the time to discuss everyone’s achievements and development. It is critical to us that everyone who joins us has the very best chance of being successful throughout their time with Curzon & Company.

Reviews are also conducted during each project so that you feel supported and any issues that arise are dealt with quickly.